Yoga Teacher

Choosing Our Words Wisely

I had the pleasure of spending this past weekend with 15 beautiful individuals at our most recent Level 2 training in North York. I was reminded once again about how blessed I am to be able to share the gift of YogaFit with so many people and then to send the ripples outward as they share this same gift with their students, friends and family. The theme of the level 2 training is Communication – with others and with ourselves, verbal and non-verbal. Focusing on the power of our words and the impact we can have on others with a simple smile or a kind word is daunting. One woman plainly said she had decided to pursue her higher levels of training because of two women’s stories from the Level 1 training of pushing past what many may see as a debilitating illness to lead balanced and healthy lives – and it was all because of their practice. I wish these two women knew that by sharing their stories, they created ripples that spread and had a positive impact for so many people.

I attended class recently with one of my favourite yoga teachers in Toronto, Lana. She had been away for a while so it had been a long time since I had taken a class with her, and it was about half way through class that I realized why I enjoyed her classes so much. It is the way she communicates with her students. It is the tone of her voice, how through her words she always displays utmost respect for her students. And how she chooses her words carefully, speaking slowly taking time to think about what she is saying before letting the words roll out of her mouth.  It is because of this that a safe environment is created to fully surrender to the practice.

In a world bombarded by negative images, statements, advertising, news etc… we NEED to counteract these messages. Simple things like when someone asks you how you are, instead of replying “not bad,” consider “I am good.”  In fact, “I am great!”  Doesn’t “not bad” translate to good? Notice in one day how many times you complain and how this affects your mood. Now notice how this may affect the moods of those around you. The next time you speak to someone you don’t know notice how you treat them. The next time you notice your own internal dialogue, notice the words you are using on yourself – do you speak kindly or unkindly. The way we treat ourselves will directly translate to how we treat others.

Every text, email, phone call, conversation and class we teach impacts those around us and often we will have no idea to what extent. However, rather than being overwhelmed, step back and be patient. Choose your words wisely, speak authentically, speak the truth to yourself and others and allow these positive ripples to flow out into the world.

Yours in happiness and health,

Namaste, Lisa

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