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Cherishing Friends

The value of friendship is one more important to me than anything else in my life, and I am blessed to have many friends surrounding me. I realized after spending this weekend of holiday fun how easy it is take our friends for granted. That the older we get, the more wrapped up we become in our careers and families and often it is our friendships that suffer. The irony is that in these days of cell phones, internet, facebook, its easier than ever to stay in touch with people from all over the world, and yet we still find ourselves pushing off sending that message or text or forgetting to call. It is a beautiful thing to have friends that you can go months or even years without seeing or speaking and then picking right up where you left off. But then how sad it is to think of the time you have missed without them.

I didn’t realize until this weekend how long I had gone without seeing some of my closest friends that live in the same city as me. This is probably my favorite part of the holiday season, the extra effort many go to see each other. Going out when we are feeling a bit tired, piling up our schedules so we can see everyone. We sometimes get so wrapped up in the chaos of the season, feeling like we need to buy gifts for everybody or running ourselves down trying to keep up. When in its simplicity probably all we want is a great big hug and smile. So maybe this holiday rather than trying to push all our social time into a couple weeks, how about we commit to sending this same holiday cheer throughout the entire year. Make plans and keep them! We are good at scheduling weekly work meetings, what about weekly coffee dates with our BFFs, monthly skype dates?

Life is complicated and busy, but with a tiny bit of effort we can brighten up the days of the people we love the most in life with a simple message of Hi! To let others know we are thinking of them, and the greatest part is that friendship is two-fold, as all we send out we get right back.

Wishing all of my friends old and new and the ones I have yet to meet, a happy and safe holiday season.

Namaste, Lisa

PS – see you back here on January 2nd.

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