Yoga Philosophy

Saucha ~ Purity

I thought I would take the next couple of weeks to explore some of the ideas I mentioned in my blog last week. Rather than overwhelming ourselves with yogic philosophy, the beautiful thing is that we are really meant to take everything in in our own time. An opportunity to play with different concepts, see where they take us. My only goal here is to give you ideas for how you can treat yourself better this year – physically, emotionally and energetically.

In looking at Saucha or Purity, the first of the Niyamas (personal code of ethics in yoga philosophy) we have so many paths to pursue. Rather than a chore for cleaning – finding ways to purify our lives or ourselves for the better: physically, our thoughts, or our environment.

Physically we can look at personal hygiene, or also purifying the body. This could be through rigorous cleansing practices. It could be as simple as eating healthy food or trying to adjust our diet to one that is focused on local or organic foods. It could be the surge of adrenaline or flow we experience during a great run, or YogaFit Sweat class.

This week, try to notice your thoughts. Noticing how often we fill our heads with negative self-talk, or negativity towards those around us.  What does that really accomplish? Except to push us into a negative mood. If we are unhappy with our selves what can we do to change this? If we are tired all the time, are we getting enough sleep or eating properly? If we are unhappy with our appearance, are we exercising regularly or being unfair? Would you speak to your best friend the way you speak to yourself?

In looking at the space around us – and trust me I am the furthest thing from a neat freak! But it’s amazing how clutter and excess stuff slows us down. Do yourself a big favour and clean out your closets. How long do you spend in the morning deciding what to wear? Trying to find the right lid for your Tupperware? I’m currently involved in the grueling process of starting to pack up my family home after 35 years. It’s intense, but with every room we get through we just feel lighter.

If this is our year to enjoy ourselves as we are, lets continue to nourish and nurture ourselves rather than taking ourselves for granted. Practicing Saucha (Purity) in thoughts, actions and surroundings. I only hope to inspire you to do even one thing just for you this week 🙂

There is a wonderful book (soon to be available on called the Yamas and Niyamas: Exploring Yogas Ethical Practice by: Deborah Adele, and also on our book list for Level 2. I love this book as it shows how we can take ancient concepts into our everyday western lives. I encourage you to read it for even more ideas.

In Love and Light,

Namaste xo Lisa.

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