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Tapas – Discipline

I feel I need to skip ahead for my own lesson in tapas this week, for the discipline to stay on track and stay focused. When I began this blog I committed to writing every week and even enlisted the help of my trusted assistant to keep me accountable. I love to write, have since I was a child and in fact for years wanted to be a writer when I grew up. Yet I find myself procrastinating every week and last week just nothing… I tried the usual excuses this week and even tried to propose moving to every 2 weeks instead but was quickly reminded how it will start with 2 then be 3 than every month until… well we have all been there right!

For the first time in years I find myself in a place where I must truly practice Tapas or discipline. As a full time fitness and yoga instructor my entire weekly schedule was organized so that discipline was second nature. My workouts were planned out and locked in – you can’t just “not feel like going” when you are the one leading the class. In addition the couple hours I had mid-day everyday was more than enough time to buy groceries and cook healthy meals, especially knowing that I needed to eat properly to get through my day. At the end of the day after eating well and exercising I would crawl into bed and sleep soundly. Pretty basic stuff to maintain balance: eat well, exercise and get enough sleep. All of a sudden (though there really hasn’t been anything so sudden about it) I find myself at the office everyday, answering emails rather than eating lunch, skipping my workouts and then topping it off by staying up too late.

Our day is made up of choices, big ones and small ones. Practicing tapas becomes these choices. The choice to turn off the TV and go to bed, to order salad when we really want French fries or sticking to a regular exercise routine. To find better balance in our lives we must actually stop and make the choice. For me it requires setting my intention at the beginning of the day and sticking to it – setting alarms in my phone to remind me to eat a proper lunch rather than snacking all day, scheduling my workouts in my calendar as a meeting I must keep with myself. As with anything some days are easier than others but by keeping the commitments we have set for ourselves we are showing ourselves love and respect. Taking care of ourselves, rather than taking ourselves, or worse our health, for granted. No matter what the commitment we have made is, whether to nurture creativity, to work more or work less or to simply be healthier – it is Tapas that will help us stay on track. Where can you apply Tapas in your own life this week?

In love and light,

Namaste, xo Lisa.

*Please know these are just my humble thoughts on how the Niyamas can be applied to my life right now… there are many writings and teachings on these yogic philosophies, this is just one… J

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