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Svadhyaya – Self Study

It can be said that the entire practice of yoga can be an act in self-study. The awareness we create through each movement, each detail of the pose and even in observing our thoughts through the poses and in meditation. I had the pleasure of spending this last weekend in Montreal at the canfitpro conference along with Claudette and Paul, fellow YogaFit Canada trainers, and Beth Shaw, for our YogaLean training. This training is a little different than some of our other YogaFit trainings as it teaches us to go beyond the surface of living healthy lifestyles and to truly take the place of the witness not just on our mats but more importantly off our mats as well. To take time to question our habits, both helpful habits and harmful habits and to be aware of what is getting in our way on the path to taking care of ourselves.

I feel like all of my blogs keep coming back to this central idea of taking care of ourselves, or to be more truthful, of me taking care of myself. I continue to find myself getting caught up in the excitement of the great things happening with YogaFit Canada, but with so many exciting days these new habits I’m developing are starting to creep into my daily, not so exciting days as well. Pushing meals to later in the day, telling myself I’ll catch up on sleep tomorrow. Luckily I also have great friends around me who are recognizing my behavior, resulting in a mandatory sleep in on Saturday morning during the conference after I admitted to working  __ days in a row (I’ve actually lost count at this point).  Trust me, if Beth Shaw tells you you are working too hard – one of the hardest workers I’ve ever met – then you have to listen!

In YogaLean training, Beth raised the point of discovering what our mental treadmills are. What are the thoughts we are constantly turning over and over in our minds. As an act in self-study, also noticing where these thoughts lead us, and what are their outcomes. Are we left in a state of joy or peace? Are we leading ourselves through a downward spiral? And just as important are we practicing moderation? Honesty? This week, take the challenge along with me to really become aware of our thoughts and actions – what is your mental treadmill? And where does this leave you at the end of each day?

Through the constant flow of change,


Xo Lisa.

The next YogaLean training is scheduled for Sunday, May 6th at our Toronto MBF register:

3 thoughts on “Svadhyaya – Self Study”

  1. Thank you Lisa for sharing this, Svadhyaya – Self Study is really a journey by itself as we always making time for others, doing things for others, and how about the other self (our spirit) which requires time as well. Thank you thank you thank you, I have to do the same in my self-study, taking time for my other self (my spirit, my time, and my soul). Meditation is one way but have to admit, it becomes an habit and doing it without thinking about it, I still forget about SAYING NO sometimes. Still working on that one, SAYING NO…lol.


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