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Ishvara Pranidhana – Surrender

And there comes a certain point where that is all you can do. We can build, create, explore, tear down, move away, move back and somehow through all of that we realize nothing has changed. When I think back to how much my life has changed over the last three years I feel like I should be an entirely different person, outside and in. And though on some days I think I have changed a lot, most of the time I am just the same me, sitting on my couch drinking coffee working away with my cat sleeping beside me.

This is what I have figured out in my small existence. Really, really bad stuff is going to happen to us, but also really, really amazing stuff is going to happen too! Life will continue to flow and change and often when we least expect it. Two years ago my family went through a very difficult time where we were pushed to the limits emotionally, mentally, energetically. A very dear friend said to me: after the storm comes the rainbow.  And then he said it every day to me that week and the next. I didn’t understand at the time, I couldn’t. I remember even being surprised when we had an early spring that year that life kept going. The birds kept singing, the flowers bloomed, life continued. My rainbows came, they faded away, they’ve come back again and so the process follows.

For the most part in life we can’t control what is going to happen. We can’t control how others feel or their actions. We can’t control the cycle of life anymore than we can control how and when the seasons change. We can control our reactions, our projections on individual situations. We can also choose to let go, and choose to have faith that even through the worst storms, at some point the rainbows come back. Sometimes the storms last longer, sometimes the rainbows. When we try to force or control that which we can’t, we become rigid and fearful. When we surrender to the currents of life, to ebb and flow through the happy and not so happy turns of life we can let go of this fear. We can surrender fully and open ourselves up to the unexpected joys of life.

In Light and Love,

xo Lisa.

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