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The Power Of Fear

As we enter in what could be considered a new age – past the Mayans prediction of the end of the world and on to the era the yogi’s have a long viewed as a time of great change. We can almost feel the simmers of vibrational energy as the global shifts begin. The last few years have been strained by economic uncertainty, fierce uprisings against oppression and at the same time a vast shift away from materialized happiness to raw human consciousness. As 2013 begins, I find myself on the crest of more major changes in my own life, personally and professionally, and quite frankly many of them scare the crap out of me. From finally selling our family home of 37 years, to moving into a much bigger office with more staff, to leading higher trainings, presenting in larger forums and of course the fear of the unknown.

This theme of moving past fear keeps coming in front of me over the last few days from posts on Beth Shaw’s facebook page, messages from Anand in India, even my daily horoscope reading. Fear has the potential to either destroy or expand. It can have us cower in the corner or rise up in fierceness to take on the challenge.

I have always despised the feeling of fear: that cold sweat, hair standing up on end, the rolling in our stomachs and dry mouth. I avoid scary movies (even the commercials) roller coasters and heights. I’m sure there are many more instances or events that I avoid as well without even knowing it, so ingrained in my psyche. Fear forces us out of our comfort zone, pushing us into areas we aren’t sure we can handle. The thing is we are often fine. In looking back at how scared I was to step on that stage 11 years ago and teach my first class, walking into the room 3 years ago to lead my first training and forward to the future when I think back to myself sitting in this coffee shop writing this post. From the Sutras of Patanjali, 2:16 “Pain that has not yet come is avoidable.” I have often struggled with this statement, but the very fact is that we do not and cannot predict the future. We also cannot live based on past experiences alone.

So fear has power, but what power will it bring – that is your choice alone. I have decided that each time I sense fear this year I will instead create the emotion of excitement. Rather than allowing fear to have the negative connotation it so often does – to directly and immediately change it to a positive. So my challenge to myself and to you is to rise up to this fear, to acknowledge it and carry on. If it wasn’t scary it wouldn’t be worth it and the scarier it is the bigger the opportunities are on the other side. Rise up my friends, take courage and surrender to the endless possibilities this beautiful life has the power to give us.

In love and light xo


6 thoughts on “The Power Of Fear”

  1. I love what you wrote about fear. Your one statement sums it up, “it has the potential to destroy or expand”. Think of it this way as well: F.E.A.R. False Emotions Appearing Real. Once we are on the other side of what triggered the fear, we can see that the “fear” we made up wasn’t even real (necessary).


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