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On Taking Time to Breathe

According to my Vedic chart: I am currently ruled by Mars, a fiery planet that causes life to jolt into fast-forward with a million things happening all at once. Considering the last few years – no kidding. The scary thing is that as I continue to adjust to this fast paced lifestyle, it seems that it is only moving faster. I barely have time to connect to what is happening, before I am being pulled into something new. Whether it is the rapid-fire growth of YogaFit in Canada, or my personal life. The result is that I have also had to learn how to process information, make decisions and move forward at this same ultra lightening speed.

To outsiders, it would seem that I can’t sit still (because I really don’t)– in fact this is quite the opposite and an integral component of my life. Taking time to breathe: my meditation practice. Beth Shaw posted on her Facebook wall yesterday that her Meditation practice is the most important part of her day. I couldn’t agree more. It is because I can, and do sit in silence between 15-30 minutes every day that I can operate at this accelerated pace. It allows me to process my day on both an energetic and emotional level. Sometimes my mind goes blank and becomes quiet, most often the emotions that I have not had a chance to process within my day quickly come to the surface.

I am a highly emotional and independent person. All decisions I make come from my heart, whether business or personal it doesn’t make a difference to me. When I find myself dealing with a painful situation or the feeling of being wronged it becomes disruptive to all areas of my life.  I’m angry at this infringement of my time and energy. Taking time to be present through my feelings both good and bad, has allowed me the chance to process what is coming up and move on. I’m not saying that I get over things quickly as probably the opposite is true. However, my meditations have helped me connect to my feelings on a daily basis. To help me realize that I have a lot of emotions, but I do not have to be ruled by them. I can see my emotions objectionably and decide how I want them to impact me.

So as the world continues to swirl around me with constant changes and adjustments, I stay present, I stay in touch with me. I take time to breathe.

Om Namah Shivaya,

xo Lisa.

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