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7799_10151645386177748_557429380_nI had the absolute pleasure this past weekend of watching two of the people I love the most in the world, my sister and now brother-in-law, exchange wedding vows. It was a beautiful ceremony and an amazing weekend filled with love and friendship, I am left feeling full and so grateful.

At the end of the night I was sitting with a friend who made the comment: “That is what love is.” When watching the parents of one of my best friends dance, who have been married for over 40 years. I’m not sure I replied at the time, but the words resonated with me and I remember looking around and my thought was, no actually THIS is what love is. Not the love between two people, but the love between ALL the people.

I’ve been thinking about that a lot this week. I believe love attracts love in the same way that a smile is contagious and kindness lends to good karma. Love from a bhakti’s view is simply love for loves sake. True love isn’t based on romantic love and butterflies, but rather a friendship in the deepest respect, compassion and trust for another. I also believe it is the little things that count over any grand gesture.

At a wedding, this celebration of love, felt a bit like it was for all of us not just two. I watched my friends who have been married for 11 years laugh and dance together like they had just started to date, my other friend who is always up to no good hover around his very pregnant wife making sure she was okay; all of our friends who flew across the country and took time off work to be together. My mom, who has always been too shy to speak in public stood up in front of everyone to officially welcome my brother-in-law into the family. And of course the bride and groom, moving house and a wedding in less than a week (yes over doing it does run in the family!) They didn’t argue or get short with each other even once despite the insanity. Spending the weekend with my nephew who has just learned to say Aunta (close enough) and all of my friends and family was calming and beautiful and the one thing in life I don’t take for granted.

I am currently not “in love” or in a relationship, but at a wedding of all places, I re-discovered how much love I have in my life.  I have said it often in my blogs and I will say it again, I am so grateful and blessed for the friends that I have. Friends that understand true love, that have been through thick and thin, the best and worst parts of life and have taken care of each other and just loved for loves sake. In the purest form I offer you Namasté, may we all be blessed with such love in our lives, and be open to recognize all the ways true love comes to us, nurtures us and supports us.

In Love and Light xo

PS – Stacey sorry for making you cry on the Go train again xo

2 thoughts on “On Love”

  1. although not on the GO I did cry – and then laughed as I realized you left that PS for me…I didn’t even see it at first! Love you xo


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