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On Attachment

sbbod-221With Mercury in retrograde the last few weeks it’s been a trying time to say the least. Mercury is renowned for causing plans to go awry especially surrounding travel along with causing frustrations with technology and our things not working as they should, especially technology. People often tend to be on edge during these few weeks (yes it generally lasts 3 weeks and happens about 3 times per year) and so I’ve made it a point to focus on going with the flow, to practice my resiliency. An ideal I’m usually okay with, you almost need to be in business.

So whether Mercury or just simply a lot of overuse, I found myself in the MAC store on Wednesday afternoon staring at a giant FAIL message across the screen of my beloved laptop after I couldn’t get it to turn on. The guy smiles nicely as I practice my wonderful yogi breathing, and asks if I have a good back-up system to which I assure him that I do. No worries then, I order my new hard drive and wander off to teach my evening classes. All is good in the world, I collect and bring my laptop home and start to pull everything back together from my back up site, until I discover I had only backed up my files. Good news to know that all of my blogs and articles are safe, the possible thousand files I need to operate the business. Yes – good news! What is not such great news, I neglected to save everything else! iTunes and more importantly photos. It is at that point that all lessons of attachment and staying calm and all the wonderful things I meditate daily on are lost. As I think about my trip to Australia and my video of a kangaroo in the campsite, all of my photos from India. Luckily through this I hold the knowledge that my sister is really the photographer in the family so all of our family pictures are safe, including the first pictures of my nephew. BUT STILL! I pride myself on not being obsessed by my technology, but in retrospect it’s most likely because of the innate knowledge that it is all there. So I did what I always do in stress: I called my sister, I meditated on all possible and then I closed my computer and went for a drink (well, a few).

Coming home I refused to think about it, and luckily I have my phone where really most of my stuff is these days anyways. Surfing on Facebook, I come across a photo share with the quote: returning our faith in humanity. By the end I have tears in my eyes and my heart is warm and then suddenly out of nowhere I remember my old laptop in my closet I’ve barely thought about in years. Not only are all my oldest and thought irretrievable photos there, but so are many many more I’d long forgotten. So here I am typing away on my old mini, remembering two sage pieces of advice I have tried (though challenging at times) to live by.

  1. Even in the most dire of situations, if we allow negative reactions to overtake us a difficult situation will only become worse. It is only when we truly let go and find peace that solutions are found, or sometimes we discover it really wasn’t so bad in the first place.
  2. Back up your stuff!

In love and light,

Lisa xo

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