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A YogaFit experience from canfitpro Toronto 2013

Slowly emerging from my canfitpro conference haze, I am left this year in awe. In awe of the complexity of the show and the caliber of presenters and fitness professionals in attendance and of course in YogaFit Canada’s recognition for top honours in receiving the Steve Block Best Vendor of the Year Award. In describing what it means to receive this award, it is difficult to put in to words. It feels like being handed the Oscar for best picture, the culmination of my career and it is only going up from here 🙂 There is so much emotional attachment to this show for me. After attending nine years as a delegate and three years as a presenter, I have not only watched the show and myself grow and expand, but also many of my friends. My first conference in 2002 saw approximately 50 attendees at what was then called the BTS Super, to the following year of the black-out where by sheer passion alone, the conference was a full success. Dubbed Christmas for fitness by most people I know, this is the show we wait for all year.

As the Director of YogaFit Canada, I have had the opportunity to attend most of the major fitness shows this year across North America, including most of the canfitpro regional events and IHRSA and IDEA in the USA. Nothing compares to the energy at canfitpro; nothing comes close. Three years ago, YogaFit re-launched in Canada at the show and my partnership with Beth Shaw was formed. Going from 3 workshops and a small booth tucked in the back to this year: 4 pre-con trainings, 15 workshops, 1 post-con and a massive booth front and centre! Certainly I have bugged anyone who would listen for more opportunities and bigger spaces, but in my opinion this success is based on two major factors: A Yoga program that welcomes EVERYBODY. That makes sense from both a physiological standpoint to the highly educated fitness professional and a place to form connection and friendships among fellow teachers in what can be a very solitary industry.

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The highlights of this year’s show specifically would have to be in the sessions themselves. The opportunity to lead workshops ranging from a more traditional standpoint such as Yin Yang Yoga, to the long standing and loved YogaFit Sweat. And no matter what the session topic was, at the end bringing 100+ people into meditation in the middle of this crazy show is always remarkable! The biggest compliment I have ever received on this journey is looking out into my class/training/workshop and seeing the smiles of the top fitness leaders in our industry. As fitness professionals we change lives, we inspire others to find the greatness in themselves, which then ripple outward to their children, co-workers, neighbours. We have no idea how many lives we impact in one single class or over our entire careers, but we don’t need to know – because in the moment, that one smile means absolutely everything.

In love and light, namasté,
Lisa xo

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