Yoga Philosophy

Setting our Resolve

workshopsThis post may be a touch late in speaking of resolutions or it may be right on time. For many of us in the fitness industry, resolutions fuel our business with the ramp up of new faces looking to get in shape and healthy as the New Year begins. As I was teaching my YogaFit Sweat class last night, I saw many of these exact faces, and so along with teaching the Essence of YogaFit and the numerous SPA cues for safety, I also realized that I had the perfect opportunity to blend in some powerful mantras to encourage my students to hold on to their resolve. To stick to their resolutions this year – and how!

Tapas (Discipline), Brahmacharya (Moderation) and a little patience! Often when we set goals for ourselves we become so stressed out about achieving or not achieving them that we end up abandoning them for our old comfortable habits. Think of those people new to the gym that insist on being there for three hours everyday and then all of a sudden they miss a day, and we never see them again. By creating negative energy or bad stress around our goal we are in fact pushing ourselves away from actually creating what we want. Our new goals must fit into our current life, organically, and we must be okay with ourselves if we miss a day or “cheat” once in a while. Sometimes we must do exactly that to stay on track 85% of the time.

Tapas (Discipline): Is about creating space in our lives right now to allow our goals to happen. Blocking the time in our calendars and sticking to it, creating plans, making the preparations and following through. Rising up to the challenges we face along the road and sticking to our resolve. This is the discipline required to make things happen, and only we can be responsible for this.

Brahmacharya (Moderation): What is reasonable? What will fit? Are we denying ourselves pleasure or rest in pursuing our goals? Let’s make sure we are incorporating a healthy energetic balance. Think of the Europeans, who still close their shops on Sunday and take a day of rest. Our focus on our goal can and should be unwavering, however if it is blocking out other important parts of our life something will give eventually, and not the way we want it to.

Patience: Because the best things in life take time to build. Nurture and honour your goal as if it is already a part of you, and have patience with yourself through the process.

No matter your resolutions or goals for 2014, may you enjoy this year to it’s fullest!

In love and light,

Lisa xo

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