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Chakra Balancing – Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus

The word chakra translates to mean spinning disk. If we think of each spinning disc aligning as a pyramid on top of the other, we quickly realize the importance of ensuring our base or first chakra is in-tune before moving on to the next. This isn’t to suggest that a predominant imbalance in our higher chakras mean everything is out of alignment however, there may be a noticeable disturbance. So just as we create proper alignment in our asanas from our base upwards, the subtle body will react in the same way.

Our root chakra (muladhara) is located at the base of our spine, attributed to the colour red. Our root chakra, is our base: our home base, our profession, what we need in our society to survive. This chakra will become imbalanced when we find ourselves between homes or jobs, when the very things we rely on in our life are taken away. Connected to feelings of being grounded and connected to the earth, taking a barefoot walk on the grass is a simple way to get in touch with this chakra. Also, setting up the comforts of home, even (or especially) when traveling, like pictures of loved ones will help. Knowing that we have the right to be here and using this as a mantra to support our yoga practice and meditation.
Practice Pose: Chair Pose
Chant: sound LAM
Essential Oil: Balance (DoTERRA)

Our sacral chakra (svadhisthana) is located between our navel and our pubic bone, signified by the colour orange. This is the place of our emotions, our creativity our sexuality, the parts of us that make us – us. The element of water is attributed to this chakra and so being close to bodies of water like the ocean can be very healing for our emotional health. Fluid movements in our practice are important, even the simple flowing from pose to pose. Knowing we have the right to feel, owning our emotions and being true to ourselves are practice points for this chakra.
Practice Pose: Cat/Cow flow
Chant: sound VAM
Essential Oil: Citrus Bliss (DoTERRA)

Our solar plexus chakra (manipura) is located between our navel and diaphragm, attributed to the colour yellow. This is our power center, what drives us forward. Stress and digestion are also linked to this chakra. Feeling out of control or like we are being forced into something will cause a disturbance to this chakra. Knowing that we have the right to act, to take charge of our own lives are necessary points here. Signified by the element of fire this element is our sense of power or inner strength.

Practice Pose: Plank
Chant: sound RAM
Essential Oil: Digest Zen (DoTERRA)

These chakras are all attributed to our sense of self. They are all developed in the first few years of life. For a chakra to be in balance we must be careful that we resist both over and under stimulation of what each of these chakras represent. Balance itself is fleeting and depending upon our nature we will trend fairly consistently to one direction. Listening to our bodies, our thoughts and our reactions inside our yoga practice will teach us a lot about ourselves, deepening our awareness of self. Remember this work should always be done free of judgments, expectations and competition, and with both patience and forgiveness.

In love and light,

Lisa xo

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