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Chakra Balancing: Heart & Throat

In continuing our path to Chakra Balancing from my last post, we finished in the centre of our subtle body, our heart centre. Just as when our root chakra is out of balance, it throws all the above chakras off, the same can be said for the heart chakra. When we are in a period of grief or out of touch from the love within us, all areas of our life will feel affected. We will be out of touch from both our sense of self, emotional – second chakra, and sense of power – third chakra, but also our spiritual connection, seventh chakra. Anahata, the Sanskrit word for our fourth chakra, means un-struck. My interpretation of this is to live from our hearts as though we have never been hurt before. The idea of a heart that has been struck representing grief, heartbreak, or being jaded against love for fear of being hurt again. Our hearts are the element of air. When our hearts are in pain it is difficult to breathe. When our hearts are open, like being newly in love, we feel energized and joyful.

Granted at times in our life we will need to grieve, we will need to spend time in mourning to process the pain of losing someone close. Yet, there are so many times in our life we find ourselves slipping in to this same sensation without reason. Heart meditations can be strong daily affirmations to promote the boundless love we have within us. To connect us to all living creatures, for us to feel empathy and compassion to those we come in contact with. Sitting in meditation, can help us uncover blocks or feelings of vulnerability in our heart centre, and without analyzing why they came to be, simply moving to clear the energy through breath and a general feeling of lightness.

Practice Pose: All backbends such as Camel Pose

Chant: sound YAM

Essential Oil: Breathe (DoTERRA)

Moving on to our fifth chakra, or throat, comes our ability to speak our hearts truth. The demon of this chakra is lies. Whenever we know we need to say something, but are blocked by a lump in our throat, this is our fifth chakra creating a physical stopping point. Our throat is ruled by our voice, when we talk too much or are at a loss for words the ability to speak with clarity is impaired and note: this is not only about communicating with others but also, and sometimes more importantly communicating with ourselves. To find relief for our throat chakra, either journaling or chanting can be very healing. Ruled by vibrations and the element of sound, chanting a simple OM can open up our throats and voice and move us towards our truth.

Practice Pose: Fish Pose

Chant: sound HUM

Essential Oil: Whisper (DoTERRA)

Fulfilling our dharma, what we are meant to do, is an important aspect of understanding our truth. Living with an open heart, in lightness, peace and clarity.

Namasté, Lisa xo

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