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On Intuition and Spiritual Awakening: Sixth & Seventh Chakras

After spending the last few weeks focused on balancing our chakras 1-5 (root, sacral, solar plexus, heart and throat) we find ourselves at our final two the sixth chakra or third eye, and seventh or crown chakra.

Our third eye is so called, as long ago it was believed we had a third eye that was all seeing, laying behind our forehead looking inwards as oppose to outwards as our physical eyes do. Now we know that our pituitary gland lies in this same spot, the pituitary gland responsible for releasing hormones to other endocrine glands. This space, our Anja chakra, is our intuition, all knowing and our place of peace within. The knowledge that we know best what is right for us. At times it is our exertion of independence, at other times the trust that we are on the right path. Following our dharma is trusting in our intuition and sixth chakra.

The demon of this chakra is illusion, living a lie or living in a dream world separate from reality. Meditation is key for bringing balance to this chakra. Stilling the mind so we are able to see our truth. The colour is indigo or purple,

Practice Pose: Childs Pose, forehead on the mat

Chant: sound OM

Essential Oil: Serenity (DoTERRA)

Moving on to our seventh or crown chakra, located at the top of our head, sometimes known as spiritual awakening or surrender. It is opening ourselves to the boundlessness of the universe and supreme consciousness. The colour is purple or white, represented in the silence that proceeds OM. Opening our minds, moving away from expectations and judgment brings balance and light to this chakra, thus the opposite of a closed mind results in blocked energy. When our subtle body is aligned and we have done the work to bring balance for all chakras below we experience freedom, knowledge and bliss. One of my favourite quotes (as stated in our Level 3 manual) “I am not a human doing, I am a human being” – unknown.

The demon of this chakra is ignorance, also the source of all obstacles (kleshas) to calming the mind-stuff as stated in the Sutras of Patanjali. So we search for right knowledge and we let go of the rest. Again we trust our truth, and allow ourselves to simply BE.

Practice Pose: Relaxation Pose

Chant: no sound

Essential Oil: Elevation (DoTERRA) 

Moving into April, our theme of the month is renewal. Practicing surrender and trust as means to continue on our upward spiral. Focusing on the positive, on growth, on new beginnings, see you soon!

Namasté, Lisa xo

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