Ayurveda for Life Balance

Anyone that has read more than one of my blog posts would know that I am on a constant search for balance in both my life and work. Who isn’t right! Yet this search for balance has taken on more elements since being introduced to Ayurveda, also known as the Science of Life.

Ayurveda is an ancient healing modality developed in India thousands of years ago and now practiced by many throughout the world. While the study of Ayurveda and Yoga presently are closely linked they both have separate lineage and long histories. Ayurveda looks at the world based on 3 doshas or constitutions: Pitta, Vata and Kapha. These doshas can be found in nature, in food and us – human beings. As it relates to our body both physically and energetically, our doshas comprise our Prakriti or “s” self, our nature, always changing. When we begin to understand our Prakriti we come closer to our Purusha or “S” Self, our True Self who we are on the inside that never changes.

shutterstock_3477100 copyAnd so we begin to study our doshas, our constitutional make-up as part of this work. Knowing that we have all three as part of us, we also tend to be more dominant in one or two doshas. This makes up who we are in the world. How we react to things from situations to our digestion. How we feel better in certain climates over others and also the types of people we gravitate towards. There are many dosha tests on the internet some longer than others. Understanding my dominate dosha has helped me immensely in my day to day life as well as helping me prepare for certain situations.

What was truly eye opening for me was my experience in the new YogaFit: Ayurveda 1 Training this past Fall. We not only looked at where our Dosha’s are now, but where are Dosha’s were in our earliest memory. What I learned is that through my “grown up” years I have had to take on new skills and adapt in some regards to the life I lead now, running a company, on the road most of the year etc. So even though I was always searching for ways to calm my dominate dosha, what I also need to focus on is how to bring myself back to my earlier constitution. What I was born with and where I will ultimately feel the most in harmony.

This is a long road of ups and downs – exactly like life. But the more you begin to understand your true nature the more you will feel connected to the true you. Practicing Ayurveda becomes similar to a Yoga practice but more comprehensive. It involves listening to your body & mind. Finding the right diet, sleep patterns, stress reactions and how to release stress and physical fitness (yoga!) All the things that help us come into balance. Studying Ayurveda, the small amount I have so far has been a gift for me; my practice will be life long. And with that I must close my computer after a long day of work, calm my Pitta fire by going home to a cool dark room and a quiet yoga practice to settle in for the night.

I plan to post more on the doshas and Ayurveda over the next few weeks. If you are interested in learning more, YogaFit has a 100-hour Ayurveda Certificate program. We are premiering this certificate in Calgary through 2015 with Ayurveda 1 + Ayurveda 2 at our Calgary MBF, register for both and save $100.

In love and light, xo Lisa.

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