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The Leap of Faith

stock-photo-25291906-woman-leaping-through-the-skyEvery now and then we are faced with a challenge in our life that requires a leap of faith. Standing at the edge of a precipice knowing that change is required and hoping for the best. Whether it’s leaving or starting a new relationship or career, or following our wildest dreams.


Starting a new year is like a fresh start, a chance to take a serious look at our life, where we’ve become stagnant or what’s just not working anymore. Are we still holding on because it’s the safe choice, even if we know we aren’t happy? Unfortunately fear of the unknown is what keeps us in this space, spinning our wheels hoping for change but not making any effort towards it. If we want change we must be ready to accept it for better or worse.


In Yoga we have the practice of Isvara Pranidhana or surrender. One of our Niyamas, or as I call them personal code of ethics, the Niyamas also include purity, contentment, discipline and self-study and help us to take our Yoga practice off the mat. Isvara Pranidhana asks us to surrender to our higher power, the universe, the unknown. This act of surrender forces us to let go, to take a leap of faith, to sever our attachments and to release fear.


Often we have heard the saying, when a door closes another one opens. I have so many examples in my life of having to first close the door myself. This is a struggle and a challenge. To make that decision on your own, potentially without a plan and only a hope for a life raft waiting for us on the other side. This is the leap of faith. Taking the plunge, rising to the challenge, embracing our inner power, to surrender to the unknown. This is also the wonder of life. Seizing the opportunity for change and taking a chance on ourselves, that we don’t sink but instead find ourselves in the middle of our wildest dreams.


I often use the cue “dig deep” when teaching, as a way to cultivate our inner strength to face the challenge of the pose or movement. And so I ask you again, dig deep my friends. Find your power, rise up, take the leap. I guarantee you will be amazed by what you find on the other side.


In love and light,

Lisa xo

2 thoughts on “The Leap of Faith”

  1. So timely Lisa, as I just registered a domain name and twitter account for myself called “ (TBD) and @myyogaleap. I am in full throttle leap mode! thanks for this piece.


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