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Incorporating Yoga into Everyday

For those who have enjoyed the centering and calming effect that yoga brings, we often have the desire to share this with our loved ones and clients but don’t know how. Here are some simple tips to incorporate a little yoga into everyday.

  1. Breathe! Sure we do that all the time, our nervous system is hard wired to make that an automatic function of life. However, what if we actually pay attention to our breath. Following the steady flow of breath in and out of our nose. Lengthening our inhale and our exhale on each breath.

On our own: Each time you find a moment in your day, waiting for coffee, doing the dishes, take this time to just focus on breath.  Notice the effects that our breath has on both our physical and mental bodies.

With our clients: During stretching routines rather than counting out time, count out breath, inhaling for 1,2,3,4 exhaling 4,3,2,1.  A meditative quality comes over this time and our clients will leave their sessions relaxed and rejuvenated after a great workout.

  1. Be Present! In our busy world of go go go all to often we find ourselves focused on what we need to do rather than what we are doing. How often do we find ourselves at our destination without realizing how we got there? Let’s take time to just be here.

On our own: Take time to smell the roses, or at least to notice the world around us. Putting our phone down even for five minutes can be one of the best gifts we give ourselves. We have become programmed like Pavlov’s dogs to jump at the sound of our phone buzzing and singing. Let’s try to keep our phones in our pockets at mealtime or while walking from the car into the gym, giving ourselves a break.

With our clients: While training our clients describe in detail the muscles being used and how they should be contracted or released. This allows our clients to really connect with their bodies, letting go of outside distractions and truly being in the moment

  1. Be Positive! Let go of the negative and invite the positive. Countless studies have shown that focusing on positivity and a positive attitude affects all facets of life.

On our Own: Noticing our thoughts can lead to an enormous shift here. What we are saying about ourselves in our mind can lead to negative implications of self worth. How we react to situations, being cut off in traffic or mistakes made, even if we aren’t saying it out loud our body still hears and absorbs this negative energy.

With our Clients: Noticing the language we use when we are talking to our clients. Are we spending our sessions complaining about our day? Are we allowing them to do the same? Create sessions that are centered around Positive or YogaFit’s Transformational Language (Beth Shaw’s 3rd Edition YogaFit Book) and notice the difference.


















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