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The Lessons Behind Our Injuries

I’m not the daintiest of girls, but over my years in fitness I’ve had my fair share of sprained ankles, wrists, elbows, knees, pulled neck ligaments, various overworked muscles, cuts and bruises. Every time I am injured, it is infuriating – I can’t exercise! Or at least not in the way I want. Having to sit your favourite classes out because your body can’t do it when your mind is begging you to move is the biggest lament of every fitness instructor I know.

Recently during a Yoga practice I had a small epiphany, that these injuries have been a small gift in their own way. Every injury I have experienced has opened up education to me as to what caused the injury and how to fix it. When we are learning modifications from our own injuries, it has really allowed for me to understand what it’s like to work through specific joint pain in my Yoga practice. Of modifications I have needed to use and to also take care of my injuries rather than pushing through the pain. In the one-day YogaFit Seniors training, I often talk about how we take our “able-bodies” for granted, and certainly I do too. I don’t need a well thought out plan of how I’m going to get up and down from the floor, of looking for elevators over just taking the stairs. This however is a gift! Our health is truly our biggest asset that we have. Without our health or quality of life, what do we have?

As I worked through this latest injury, rather than focusing on my own debilitations I was led to thoughts of my students and how they feel in class as they try to keep up while dealing with pain. Whether the pain of a chronic injury, the discomfort of working through challenging poses or the challenge itself of transitioning up and down from the floor. I hope that I continue to remember this as my body heals – if this was the lesson for me to learn, than I have. I am thankful for the compassion my injuries have given me for my students. I also hope to pay a little closer attention inside my daily physical activities and self-practice so that I stay a little safer and all in one piece.

Namaste, Lisa. xo

3 thoughts on “The Lessons Behind Our Injuries”

  1. It is a great lesson to learn. When working to recover from injuries (and we all have them sooner or later), I emphasize the goal of achieving “pain free range of motion” with gentle stretches and slow movements during the recovery process. Continuous improvement is the goal over a reasonable period of time. If we follow this rule, in almost every case we will experience amazing results. I have experienced injuries with physical therapy twice. Pushing through pain is never advisable. Learn to back off and reduce the pain (the bodies signal to stop). In my recovery practices, we are working to restore “Strength, flexibility, balance, coordination and stability” in our bodies. Fast and hard is never advisable when we are healing. Many blessings for the lessons learned. Namaste, Gary


    1. Thanks Gary, I couldn’t agree more! A hard lesson for me in the early days but one I have come to respect now. We don’t need to live with “old injuries” if we do as your post says and take care of ourselves in an honest way through the healing process.


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