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Class Theme: Forgiveness

The following theme can be used either for your own personal practice, or for your group classes or one on ones that you are teaching. Everything below is just a guide based on my thoughts and experiences in the moment. Feel free to change anything to better suit your teaching/practice style or so that it feels more authentic to you and your own teaching voice. Namasté

Theme: Forgiveness

Quote:The Living Gita Ch. 10:11 “Because I am compassionate, I dwell in your heart, and from there remove the darkness of ignorance with the great light of wisdom.”

From this quote, I am reminded also of the messages in Pathways to Joy, by: Swami Vivekananda. To not see ourselves as whole or pure is an injustice. To be unable to forgive ourselves says that we are not equal and that we do not deserve our own self-respect nor the respect of others. And yes of course there are some acts that require much deeper soul searching and penance to forgive, however punishing ourselves with harsh words for forgetting something or not having time to complete something – the negative hamster wheel for so many, is not only a disservice to ourselves but also those that love and respect us.

Physical Focus:A nurturing calming practice centered around the heart chakra. Include deep forward folds to open the heart chakra on the back body, and moments of just placing the hands on the heart and connecting to breath.

Pranayama:Ujjayi breath or Whisper Breath

Yama/Niyama:Santosha – Acceptance

Chakra:4 – Heart Chakra

Mudra:Mudra of Forgiveness: middle finger tucked in towards the palm with thumb on top and the rest of the fingers outstretched.

Mantra:I am Enough

Additional Notes:

(paying a little homage to me, for missing my last two scheduled blog posts)  

Forgiveness as a message to ourselves: to stop beating ourselves up, for trying our best even when it feels like it’s not enough. 

Forgiveness because I’m not always perfect. Forgiveness because sometimes stuff happens, and we can’t deliver on our promises and that’s okay.

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