Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation for Grounding

Please find the following scripted meditation for grounding, healing and honouring our bodies. Feel free to share in your classes and adjust in any way to better suit your teaching. Namasté

Finding a quiet space and allowing our bodies to relax completely on our mats. Let’s close our eyes and gently begin to release the tension from our body. Softening and releasing through our feet and ankles, the back of our legs and our hips. Continuing to relax our spines, through our upper back and across our shoulders. Let’s gently open and soften our jaw, cheekbones and the muscles behind our eyes. Softening across our brow. Let’s feel our arms down into our hands release and then bringing our attention to the front of our body. Our belly softens, our rib cage and across our collar bones. Settling into the space of our heart centre.

Now let’s begin to feel the sensation of heaviness in our bones. As the weight of our body is drawn down towards our mat, the floor beneath that, to the ground and earth beneath that. Spend time right now considering this connection to the earth element. The stability and safety it provides. Unwavering in its role to provide a stable base for everything else, the cities and towns sprawled across it, the oceans that flow over it. Remembering now how it feels to walk outside in bare feet. The grass and dirt under our feet, or the sand from the beach squeezing between our toes. Stay with this feeling for a few breaths as you begin to sink deeper into your exhale.

Coming back to our body and the weight of our arms and legs and the back of our head. Recognizing the felt sense of our bodies lying on the floor. Forming a new appreciation for our body now, that just like the earth does, our body provides a safe haven. And just as we must treat the earth with respect by taking care of the environment, we must give that same respect to ourselves. Taking care of ourselves by exercising moderately, eating well and getting enough sleep. Showing ourselves compassion by listening to our bodies, letting go of our judgments, competition and expectations.  By staying present as much as possible and to simply breathe.

Taking a few moments to imagine what this looks like, feels like. As our breath begins to deepen let’s slowly give our toes and fingers a little wiggle. Slowly opening our eyes and taking in our environment. As we are ready moving on to our favourite side and pressing ourselves back up to our seat. Placing our hands at heart centre. In gratitude of our practice, of how we feel right now. The sanctity of this space and the bodies we have that continue to carry us through life with love and grace. The light in me, honouring that same light in you, Namasté.

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