Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation for Manifestation

Please find the following scripted meditation for manifestation, to spend a little time in dream land bringing our wishes to fruition. Namasté

Guided Meditation for Manifestation

Let’s find a quiet space to rest, letting go of any external distractions and bringing awareness to our breath. Slowly counting our breaths in and out until our breath is even and steady… let’s now start to lengthen our exhale finding the pause at the end of each breath. With each exhale we begin to melt into our mat, allowing our bodies to grow heavy and relaxed. Taking time now to gently scan our bodies and notice anywhere that we might be gripping or holding on, guiding our breath to that space and slowly letting go…

Let’s now bring attention to our hearts. Can we feel our heart beating slow and steady in our chest. A gentle rhythm to follow, our own internal beat. Our hearts hold such great power for us, feeding our body and brain with oxygen rich blood, carrying our t-cells to keep our immunity strong. Our hearts also hold our innermost secrets and desires… If we listen closely we can hear our heart speaking to us within this rhythm. What is it that we most desire? What is it that we most yearn for? … What shape does this have? what colour? Is there a sound or sense of touch or smell or taste that is incorporated to this desire? What does it feel like in your body right now to have this, if the vision in your mind were manifested to reality – how do you feel? Can you feel this in your hands? Your feet? Your belly? What sensation does this bring…

Continue to hold this vision. Continue to fine tune or tweak this vision as you need so that it becomes more and more clear with each heartbeat, with each breath. Beginning to memorize the sensations in your body right now. Holding the vision, holding the sensations…


Slowly we begin to deepen our breath. Let’s feel our breath expanding down to our fingers and toes. In our own time, creating small movements in our hands and feet, our wrists and ankles. Let’s continue to move our bodies any way that feels good right now, slowly coming back to consciousness. Slowly coming back to the room, opening our eyes. As we are ready, rolling on to our sides and gently finding our seat. Turning our palms up in the mudra or gesture of both giving and receiving. Let’s once again come back to our vision. Come back to the sensation we experienced in our bodies…. This vision, this desire, lives always in our hearts. The secret to manifestation is to know that our deepest desires already exist, even if they aren’t part of the physical world quite yet. By coming back to both the vision and sensation again and again, we create the power to manifest this to reality.

In love and light, namasté


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