Guided Meditation, Yoga Teacher

Guided Meditation on Self-Care

Please find the following scripted meditation for self-care and honouring Self. Feel free to share directly with your class or to make any adjustments that are better suited to you and your class.  

Guided Meditation for Self-Care

As we find ourselves in savasana, let’s take a moment to feel our entire bodies relaxing deeply into the floor. Letting ourselves absorb this beautiful practice of Yoga and checking in with how we are feeling now. Now that the movement has finished, and we are left here in stillness, following our breath. This feeling – this is Yoga. Calm, quiet and centered. Knowing that it is okay if we still sense our thoughts moving around. We will acknowledge them and then let them go like clouds floating by in the sky.

Scanning our bodies and noticing where we have released any tension. Notice the areas of our bodies that have softened and where we feel good. We call this “self-care” and a regular Yoga practice, even once a week will give this to us. The chance to come back to ourselves, to feel connected to who we are after all the other hats we wear have been taken off. When we practice self-care, we are essentially filling up our cups. We are so often trying to do everything and be everything that we so rarely take this time for ourselves. When our cups are full we have so much more to give to those we love. When we are trying to give from an empty cup we only end up frustrated, tired or worse.

So, if it is only this time once a week – savour each moment. Let this be the reason you come back again and again to your mat. Take some time now to think of other ways you might be able to bring more self-care practices into your life. You’ve probably heard of gratitude lists – and they work wonders for our mood and perception. But what about a happy list? Start to compile a list of the things you like to do just for you that make you happy – that fill you up. Simple things like curling up with a good book, taking a hot bath or a walk in nature can work wonders. Self-care is the least selfish thing that you can do, and only you can make it happen. I promise– you not only deserve it. It’s imperative.


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