Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation: Gratitude

I recently began digging through my library of posts, looking for my guided meditation for gratitude to read in my classes and also to strengthen my own practice. Unfortunately I discovered I didn’t have one, until now. For my American friends, Happy Thanksgiving. For all of us, never forget the importance of gratitude and giving thanks for all we are blessed with, which is really so very very much.

Please enjoy the following scripted meditation for gratitude. Feel free to share directly with your class or to make any adjustments that are better suited to you and your students. Namasté.

Finding ourselves relaxed on our mats. Gently sinking into the ground as we allow our mind and bodies to absorb our practice today. Let’s take a moment to sink into the points of our body that are connected to the floor: back of our heels or feet, back of our legs, the triangular shape of our sacrum or lower back… the back of our shoulders and finally the back of our head. Allowing ourselves to melt into the earth, giving ourselves permission to relax in savasana, maybe the most important pose of our entire class.

As we begin to follow our breath in and out, let’s bring our attention to our heart centre. Settling there and noticing the gentle rise and fall of our chests. Our heart chakra, the ability to love and be loved and also the home of gratitude..

We’ve possibly heard of gratitude journals or maybe we keep one ourself, today we will build one together through our meditation. The action of gratitude keeps us in the present moment and to focus on what is most important. It is a reminder to cherish what we have, to accept or let go of what we don’t. Focusing on gratitude has been proven through science to reduce stress and increase overall vitality.  So let’s practice together…

Let’s bring to mind someone we are grateful for. They can be in our lives currently or not, we may not know them personally. Someone who you find inspiring, someone who makes you feel safe and loved. Holding their image in our hearts and sending a silent ‘thank you’ to them now for this support and love. Is there anyone else that we would like to add to this list? family, friends, colleagues, teachers or public figures? what about our pets? let’s spend a few moments bringing each person to mind and thanking them for the positive impact they have had in our life… (pause)

What about our homes? our place of solace and safety. Let’s take a moment now to be grateful for where we live. Perhaps thinking of the luxuries in our homes that we love maybe comfy couches or art work…. let us also think of what our home provides and be grateful for that: shelter.. heating.. running water and plumbing.. a hot shower… a fridge to store food… (pause)

Coming to what might be the most important blessing we have: our health… Let’s be grateful now for the health that we have… For our ability for healing. For the opportunities we have because of our health…. For the opportunity to be here in this room, to practice Yoga together and further improve our health and vitality… (pause)

Let’s take a few more minutes to pause and reflect on all of our blessings including anything else that we might want to add to our list today… (pause)

Slowly beginning to deepen our breath, bringing small movement to our fingers and toes, perhaps taking a big stretch or simply curling up with knees to chest. As we are ready, rolling on to our favourite side and then finding our seat. Staying here, following our breath up and down our spine, we will bring our palms together at heart centre.

Reflecting on our practice and meditation today. I encourage you to continue bring gratitude into your life by thinking or writing about three things you are grateful for each day before you fall asleep or maybe when you first wake up. Even if they are the same three things each day, they will inspire you to continue to live your best life.

In deepest gratitude to you, thank you so much for being here today, namasté.


Photo by from Pexels


6 thoughts on “Guided Meditation: Gratitude”

  1. Hello Lisa, I’m sending gratitude to you for sharing your guided gratitude meditation. I was looking for a message of gratitude for my Gentle and Chair Yoga classes this week, in honour of the US Thanksgiving, and yours speaks to me. With my thanks, Elsa – a Blessed YogaFit Student.


  2. Used the guided meditation in my senior class class and they had so many good things to say about it! They really enjoyed the images that came up. People really appreciate the reminder to be grateful for what they have, rather than dwell on what they don’t have. I wasn’t sure how this group would respond to the health section, as they are in their 80s and 90s and have strokes, dementia, and an array of health issues. But even in spite of these so-called “problems” they made the space for gratitude and many confirmed to me it was just what they needed to hear. It was so beautiful. Thank you again Lisa!


    1. 🙏 thanks Lindsey! This is why I like to say, grateful for the health we have. Our pain and issues remind us daily that it’s there and it becomes easy to dwell, but so helpful to remind ourselves of where we feel good no matter how big or small.


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