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On Inspiration and Motivation

The fact that I am writing this post is actually shocking to me. Up until 6 months ago, and probably for the 20 years in front of that, I’ve been constantly in search of ways to slow down, ground myself, and reduce stress. Yet here I am – finally and also gratefully, on the other side. After stepping down from a high stress and very busy position (yes I ran the operations for a Yoga teacher training school, yes that is stressful – business is business no matter what the service/product) I have lavished in the luxuries (literally) of  all the things I wanted to do but felt I couldn’t: spend endless amounts of time with my husband, go on a backpacking adventure to the other side of the world, catch up on my soaps, spend hours at a time reading, writing, practicing yoga and cooking. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been amazing and soul nurturing every ounce of it, however there comes a time when all that stuff too begins to no longer serve you. That, and well mainly the lack of money coming in to support such a lifestyle.

But to be truthful, over the last few weeks I have found myself at a bit of an impasse. Over sleeping, watching daytime TV, putting in a few hours of work just enough to check the sub lists and get my blogs posted. Meanwhile my brain is turning to mush and a lot of the other things I meant to do during my time off like write workshops, visit yoga studios and start a business plan have fallen to the wayside. It was time to take action. My new plan – act like a CEO. How? by coming back to my Yoga roots: tapas, svadhyaya and ishvara pranidhana or essentially discipline, self-study, surrender. No matter the “title” we hold, we are all CEO’s of our own life. We are the Director of Operations, the financial planners, the social committee’s all rolled into one. It’s time to take charge. After almost two weeks following this mantra I am happier and more optimistic, I’m getting more done, I’ve let go of worrying and re-found my faith in the abundance of the universe. This is what I’ve done:


  • I’ve adjusted my sleep times. Sacrificed that last hour of watching an extra show to get to bed earlier and setting my alarm to get up earlier.
  • Practice and meditation every morning for 20min.
  • Making my bed. If you know me, I actually have strict rules around NOT making my bed, but being home all day has changed things. I pull up my sheets and open my blinds, oh yeah and I get dressed and brush my teeth in the morning! for anyone that works from home this is a big one.
  • Make to do lists that can be completed in one day. No longer the endless stream of everything that I need to get done until the end of time. What are the three main things I need to complete today based on my teaching and meeting schedule? I have separate lists for things I want to remember for next week and next month that I don’t need to look at until then.


  • Reading! What do CEO’s read? non-fiction books and audio-books that are inspiring, uplifting and educating us to the next level. Carving out an hour each day whether in transit or simply sitting down with my book at a point in the day that my brain needs a bit of a break. I’m currently loving: Your a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero. I also re-activated my library card!
  • Brainstorming and letting my ideas run wild in my journal. This is also a huge opportunity to build strength for the law of attraction. What is your heart calling for? where do you feel most at peace and connected to yourself and your community.


  • Coming back to a place of gratitude has probably been the biggest and most monumental shift for me. It is my guiding force and super power. I can move myself to tears when I think of all the blessings and riches I have. One of the biggest for me is having been born in Canada with the freedom as a woman to do whatever I want.
  • Having faith in the abundance of the universe.


I built a clothing company at 25 out of thin air, I jumped with two feet to follow my heart into full time fitness even though I couldn’t pay the rent, I repaid a staggering debt and bought a house, I found the love of my life. YOU (yes – I’m talking to YOU) have created and thrived through incredible things – how dare you think you can just stop now! Congratulations on how awesome you are and all you’ve accomplished, I can’t wait to see what happens next. As the CEO of your life, anything is possible. Sometimes, we just need to get out of our own way. ❤

Photo by Flo Maderebner from Pexels


Join me in Costa Rica Feb. 19-26. 2019 A Journey to Self Yoga Retreat. This ultimate Yogi vacation is an opportunity to deepen your yoga practice both on and off the mat with daily meditations, personal reflection time, yoga classes, satsangs (philosophy discussions), excursions and more. One of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves is time and space. Taking a moment to step away from our day-to-day responsibilities allows us the opportunity to build deeper connections with ourselves, our community (sangha) and the natural world around us. Dedicating quality time to our practice will help to foster personal growth, self-love and healing. 

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