The Art of Vacation

Full disclosure: this is a shameless plug for my upcoming Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica. However, the true purpose of this blog, both individually and as a whole, is always to bring you back to YOU. To step back amidst life’s chaos to honour what is important to YOU, either by reminding you about or inspiring you towards a regular yoga and self-care practice. And so if this is my purpose, shown to you in numerous ways to create balance in your life, then we must also talk about your dedicated time out – your holidays!

First of all, what do you need a vacation from?

Are you working full time maybe in fitness/yoga, taxing your body everyday? maybe a couple side hustles with added long hours and constant emails all day long. Or, are you working the same 8-hour job day after day with little changes, a long and boring commute with most evenings spent in front of the TV? Do you see how both of these individuals will need something different in their off hours?

The person who doesn’t stop, essentially needs to stop. The other person needs to get up and go with a little adventure. The challenge is when a) both of these people are vacationing together and b) like attracts like. I think ultimately what I’m trying to say is an all inclusive resort with excess food and alcohol is not going to be the answer for everyone, nor is the big backpacking adventure. Most of us don’t have the luxury of a 3-6 week holiday all at once  (especially if you live in North America) where we can combine everything and truly hit the reset button. So, if you only have one week – what do you do? My best advice is the opposite of what you do at home.

If you are over-stimulated on a regular basis you need to rest. In fact you have to rest! Find a space where you can settle in either with a book by the fire in a cozy cabin or a lounge chair by the beach (I’ll leave the temperature up to you). Listen to music, stare at the sky, turn off your phone, and literally do nothing as much as you can. This is a great time to finally commit to your meditation practice. At the same time, roll out your mat everyday and do a practice or run, walk whatever workout your body is craving (one hour is perfect), as we both know too much stillness won’t work either.

If you are under-stimulated it’s time for a little inspiration. Though you are most likely attracted to the holiday outline above – and you should have some of that, it needs to be slightly limited. Instead, get out into nature and move! A ski vacation? snorkelling or diving, hiking or long walks. Spend time moving and no stay-cations for you! where as someone over stimulated could probably use a few days on their own couch, you need to get out and break the monotony. Try new foods or cultural experiences, surround yourself with people but then make sure you have a quiet space to come back to at the end of the day to recharge.

Ultimately, this year let’s not say: “I need a vacation from my vacation” Let’s also TAKE a vacation. Even just a day trip a couple hours away on your own or with your BFFs or spending the day at the art gallery or museum in town will work wonders for your overall outlook and vitality. Please, take time to do something a little different, to reset and recharge so you can be your best YOU.


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