Winter Self-Care

Winter is a time for cozying up with blankets and a warm cup of tea, for watching the snow fall from the warmth of your home, hot baths a good book and lots of quiet time. For many of us these are simple luxuries our busy life does not afford. From an Ayurvedic perspective, both Fall and Winter are known as the Vata period. Vata representing an airy quality that is cool and dry and though a period of infused creativity when unbalanced it often leaves the mind scattered and in melancholy. Mimicking nature’s desire for hibernation, our self-care practice should be centered on warmth, calmness and quieting the mind.

In the few days before Christmas, Vata is at an all time high. Whether we celebrate the season or not if we live in a country that does, the high energy and business swirls around us. Traffic is busier, stores are busier, social calendars full, to do lists endless and probably our house is a mess as well. If we have a higher Vata dosha, we will feel very ungrounded with stress levels amplified, though everyone will feel this to some degree.

With winter solstice upon us this is the perfect time to step away from the chaos, even if just for an hour and take time for a grounded practice. Find a quiet space, turn the lights low and light some candles. Choose an essential oil with a woody or spicy scent such as cinnamon, cedar wood or balance blend. Find a piece of music that is slow with lower tones, a favourite of mine is Shamanic Dream by: Anugama, and then just lie down. You don’t need to know anything about Yoga for this practice, all you need to do is slow down, find stillness and let the ambience you’ve created take effect. From there you might be called to do some light stretching, or pull some pillows over to make yourself more comfortable. You could even play a Yoga Nidra or a guided meditation. If you are more familiar with Yoga adding in some Yin and Restorative based postures.

Taking some time to reset our mind and body will work wonders. You may even find during this time that the solution to a nagging problem pops up, or a wonderful idea for a new project. The magic of the winter solstice signifies new beginnings and connection to family and friends. It is a time for renewal, yet renewal can only happen when we take time to rest. Please give yourself the best gift this holiday season by nurturing your soul, adding in some self-care practices and taking care of you. Fill your cup, you will have so much more to give. ❤

To continue your self-care practices post-holidays, I have two events to share through January and February.

Winter Self-Care with Yoga at FitWithin Studios 

Saturday, February 2nd 2pm-4pm. This workshop will teach you ways to bring balance to the Vata dosha through meditations, foods, daily practice and the use of essential oils. We will enjoy a gentle yoga and restorative based practice along with guided meditations and soothing music. Connecting you back to you, connecting you back to Self. Pre-registration required $45, includes an essential oil sample and take home handout.

Candlelight Yin and Restorative Yoga at Love Shack Yoga Studio

Wednesday January 23rd – February 13th 7pm. 75 minutes of bliss and self-care. Nurture your mind, body and soul in a practice that combines deep stretching, comforting poses, meditation, gentle touch and essential oils. Class limited to 4. Pre-registration required. $88 for all 4 sessions.

Wishing everyone a lovely holiday season. I’ll be taking a mini break on Monday but will share again next week. 


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