The 3 Most Important Words of Your New Year

What are these three most important words? I’m sure you are dying to know. What is the pivotal point, the most important thing that will make this new year better than all the new years, better than all the other years, the best year ever! These three little words. What is the secret that I hold that you want so badly? Well guess what, only you know what this answer is. I can’t tell you what these three words are, you will need to find them for yourself. I can tell you over the last few years that I have put this practice into motion, that it has made a crucial difference in my year.

Where do I find these words? Well they come from my heart. Where are you going to find these words? Same place. Let’s stop right now and start to find our breath. Let’s feel the weight of our seat on the chair we are sitting on, or wherever we are propped up. If we are standing, let’s bring attention and awareness into our legs, our spine, a little softness in our belly. A little more softness in our heart, our neck and shoulders. Breathe.

How do you feel right now? This sense of presence, your breath. What is the one word that comes to mind right now that sums up this moment. Perhaps peace, love, reflection, quiet, calm, interested, curious or inspired. What is it that we feel right now? That my friends, is your first word.

As we continue to breathe, following our breath in and out, we soften deeper into that quiet spot in our heart. What is that anchor point? What is the anchor that brings us back to this space again and again? Is it focus? Quietness or calm or some of the other words that I mentioned before? Or a different word? A different thought: strength, power, resiliency, trust, hope? What is the anchor point that reminds us that despite the odds, despite the darkness that may creep in, what brings us back and reminds us who we are? Pause, breathe. That’s our second word.

To find our third word, what is it that we are being called for? What is the yearning deep in our hearts? What is it that we want more than anything else in this world right now? Perhaps we already have it and we just want to cherish it. Maybe this word is love, clarity, spontaneity, gratitude, health or wealth. And here is our third word.

So, you see I could never have given these words to you because they belong to you. Only you know what they are and only you know what their true meaning is. And so, as we narrow into our daily self-practice, our meditation or simply pausing at different moments in our day, perhaps right as soon as we wake up or before we fall as sleep, let these three words come back to our minds and come back into our hearts. Meditate on these words often, write them down, journal about them. These words are the key to your heart. These words will bring you peace, these words will take you to your dreams and ultimately these words will connect you to Self and what your heart holds.

If you still aren’t sure what these words are, that’s okay. Perhaps you found one or perhaps you found more than three. Take time with them, journal about them. Perhaps go back and read my guided meditation on manifestation to give you a little more help on how to cultivate this. We have great power within us that is so often untapped, this year let’s open our hearts, allow this to shine.

Happy New Year my Friends, wishing you all joy, love, peace, gratitude, health, wealth, abundance and all the other beautiful blessings this world provides.



Photo by Kaique Rocha from Pexels

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