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5 Steps to Get Hired to Teach Yoga

A question I am asked all the time: “I’ve finished my trainings now how do I get a job teaching?” Here is my collection of tips that will help you to get on the right track. Whether you are new to teaching, looking to pick up more classes, recently completed some specialty trainings or maybe you’ve just moved to a new city. No matter your experience we can all use a little refresher on the basics for working in the yoga industry. Like most things these days, it is who you know, so let’s set you up to make that happen. Also continue to network with those you took your trainings with, in particular if you are living in the same area as it’s always great to have a sub buddy, but also someone to bounce ideas off of and connect with on this journey. And finally, don’t be afraid to ask your teachers or current students for a reference. They are the ones who have seen you in action and would also love to help you build out your teaching career.


  1. Make friends.The success of every studio is based on its culture and is created between the studio owners and managers, students and teachers. Visit the studios that you want to teach at and feel out the vibe. Is it a good fit for you? Get to know the people that work there and make sure that you are always polite to both staff and other students. Let them know that you are a yoga teacher yourself and would love to teach there. Maybe you can volunteer to help out during an event or do some energy exchange work for them.


  1. Prepare a yoga resume. This should still include where you are presently working and your education, but you also want to include all of your yoga/fitness certifications including CPR or anything related in the wellness category. Include in 1-2 sentences a bit about your teaching style or why you are passionate about yoga.


  1. Build your brand. Put some yoga related info on your social media pages, articles you find interesting, poses you are working on. This isn’t about yoga selfie land, but about showing the world what you are passionate about and why.


  1. Film a video of you teaching. You will most likely be asked to audition in order to teach which may be live, or video. Some places, in particular larger fitness clubs are now asking for videos only. Try to film yourself teaching to people so that you feel less awkward and it gives a more realistic feel to the video (your students don’t need to be included in the shot) and keep it simple! They are basically looking at how you teach and what your form looks like. Most new teachers are hired to teach beginner classes anyways. 30-45 minutes should be more than fine for any video submission.


  1. Sub as much as you can. Almost no one gets hired to start teaching classes straight away, but they might hire you to sub. So, pick up all the classes you can so you can show how awesome you are and how much their members like you. That will also help put you top of the list when classes are available.


Photo by Tim Savage from Pexels

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