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Heart Opening Yoga Class Sequence

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Enjoy this great flow to warm our hearts with Valentines Day and Family Day this weekend. Heart opening practices this time of year aren’t just great thematically but more so energetically. These last few months of cold have most of us curling inward in tension to brace against the winds. This is also the natural position of our body when we are feeling down or tired. When we open the front of our chest we create more space for breath therefore increasing vitality. It is also the centre of our chest that we find our heart chakra, the space of love and compassion. A heart centered practice is the perfect space to re-kindle self-care and renew energy. If you missed it on Monday, check out some additional ideas to build around a heart opening theme for your practice.

Please enjoy this class flow to use for your own practice or with your students:



Knees to Chest

Bridge Flow


Childs Pose

Plank flow – add crocodile

Childs Pose

Downward Dog

Sun Salutations (with an emphasis on Crescent Lunge)

Lateral Flexion

Warrior 1 – Warrior 2 – Triangle R+L

Rest or Flow

Side Plank – Gate Pose Flow R+L

Rest or Flow

Downward dog to Wild Thing

Rest or Flow

Warrior 1 – Warrior 2 – Extended Side Angle R+L/Bound Side Angle

Standing Camel



Bow (Half bow option)

Child’s Pose


Child’s Pose


Bridge (Wheel option)

Knees to chest

Supine Twist R + L

Dead Bug


Shop Cover Pages_ Theme Packs-2


Looking for more teaching and practice tools? Check out my E-Book: Chakra Journey. Includes detailed information on each of the 7 chakras, class flows and guided meditations to use for each. Download your copy HERE.

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