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Hip Opening Yoga Class Sequence

Every time I teach Yoga, the one pose everyone always asks for: Pigeon Pose. Why? The delicious sensation of opening the outer hips, the release of tension not just from the hips but the IT band and lower back is something we all crave. From desk jockeys, to weekend warriors, to professional athletes and of course – fitness professionals we can all benefit from some TLC for our hips.

Here is a great hip opening sequence you can do either on your own or to teach in your classes to help open up this area of the body. Pair this up with my class theme: If it Doesn’t Flow, Let it Go and some additional Sacral Chakra work and you will have one amazing practice. The flow is approx. 75 minutes so adjust as needed and enjoy!

Hip Opening Yoga Sequence (Intermediate Practice) 

Supine, knees up in constructive rest (45 degree angle for the knees, feet on the floor) hold this for the first 3-5 of breathing at the beginning of practice.

Knees to Chest

Bridge Flow


Childs Pose

Plank flow – add tricep press

Childs Pose

Lunge flow R+L (flow between hip and hamstring stretch)

Downward Dog

Sun Salutations with emphasis on Crescent Lunge

Side Stretch with hands together over head

Warrior 1 – Warrior 2 – Extended Side Angle R+L

Option to Flow

Side Plank – Gate Pose Flow R+L

Option to Flow

Standing Straddle Splits, bend R knee, R elbow to inside of knee with a little pressure to increase intensity – Transition to front – Crescent Lunge hands overhead and holding elbows, bend and release back knee – Repeat L side

Option to Flow

Pyramid Pose – Balanced Half Moon add quad stretch R+L

Option to Flow


Standing Balance Pigeon

Standing Half Lotus


Deep Lunge – Dragon – Splits R+L



Child’s Pose – Downward Dog

Pigeon – Royal Pigeon R+L (royal pigeon is chest lifted and back knee bent)

Child’s Pose – Downward Dog

Double Pigeon or Lotus Pose Options

Knees to Chest

Supine Hand to Big Toe (hamstring stretch) flow between centre and adductor stretch R+L

Supine Twist R+L

Happy Baby

Savasana – prop under knees if available for deeper release in lower back


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Looking for more teaching and practice tools? Check out my E-Book: Chakra Journey. Includes detailed information on each of the 7 chakras, class flows and guided meditations to use for each. Download your copy HERE.

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