Changing Our Perspective

Living in the city, constantly being sucked in by all the things, everywhere all the time. The continuous buzz around me of people, cars, bikes, noise, lights etc. I’ve always been attracted to cities and generally they are my first calling when traveling. Yet I also feel like I’m constantly searching for those little hidden gems of quietness within the chaos. The tiny park, the coffee shop, the artisan boutiques and the laneway off the main road. This is generally where I can be found. Keeping to myself, or with a small group of friends. I think this is where my Pisces nature shows up and very true to the image of the fishes swimming in opposite direction. Like I always need a bit of both worlds. The loud, chaotic, mayhem of city living and stuff always happening, and my quiet house with the lights on low. A big massive festival, and a hike in nature. My Yin and my Yang, and why I continue to equally love teaching both Yoga and BodyJam.

I used to think it was a character flaw, and that this constant need for different experiences was about my inability to settle, but that’s not it. What I need is the change in perspective. Rather than an inability to settle, it’s more about how easy it is to get stuck, or as I call it: the slow burn. Too much Yin, too much Yang and never enough time in the middle. In Yoga we refer to this as the Gunas, or qualities of nature.  Where the quiet, slow and maybe lazy side is Tamas. Our busy, go go go, active self is Rajas. But somewhere in the centre is a beautiful space of clarity and light which is Sattvic. We spend a lot of time toggling back and forth, sometimes needing a bit more of one over the other to help us arrive back at the centre point. Ironically this also closely resembles the toggle between our sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. Too much of either brings us either to burnout or stagnation, over or underwhelmed (if that’s a word? Yes, that’s a Sloane reference) Either way, a change of perspective can help.

Think of the old adage, face and replace. If you are stuck, stop forcing yourself in the same direction – change gears. If you are exhausted, why are you still pushing yourself. If you are bored and restless, why aren’t you moving. And an even better question, why do we always wait until we feel that we are past the point of no return? The good news, we aren’t. Change your perspective. It can be so simple. If you are sitting – stand up, or even more fun, go upside down and enjoy an inversion practice. If you live in the city, get out into nature. If you live in the country, spend a day in town. If you live with lots of people, do something by yourself. If you live by yourself.. well I think you get it. Just do something different. Stop waiting for someone else to change your day, your week or your life. If what you see isn’t inspiring you, go look at something that will! Find your Yin to your Yang, or your Yang to your Yin. We are all searching for balance, sometimes it’s much easier to find then we think. Change your perspective, stay on your toes, live your life.

PS – Always know, the words I write are just as much for me as for you. We are all in this together.

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