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On Starting Again

My favourite Sutra from the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (a 2500 year-old text on Yoga Philosophy) is the very first line in Book 1: And now the exposition of Yoga is being made. Every time we read this, “now” begins again. Essentially, I think of this as our restart button. We fall off the wagon, we fall out of our practice, we fall off the face of the world.. and then we restart. We just start again.

So here I am, at 44 years young, 2 businesses behind me and ready to do it all over again. Part of me thinks I’m crazy – but the much bigger part of myself is so excited! To take everything I’ve learned from my past, all of the mistakes and all of the wins and toss my hat back into the ring. It was probably almost two years ago I was commiserating with another very successful business owner and owner of my favourite pizza place about all of the hard work and sacrifices involved in running your own business. At the time, the prospect of doing it all over again to me seemed overwhelming and literally brought tears to my eyes at the very idea of it. I was comfortable where I was after busting my butt for so long, and as far as I was concerned was never going down that road again. Yet, here I am. Eating my words as always and ready to go.

We can’t predict what the future holds, and sometimes our life turns in unexpected ways. Sometimes choices are made for us, sometimes we need to make the hard decisions. We must never be afraid to start again. We have no idea what is out there just waiting to make our life even more amazing. The people we have yet to meet, the experiences yet to be had. But we continue to play it safe, our ego mind tricks us to live in fear. The more at stake however, the more we have the potential to win. And so we take on debt, put ourselves out there, be vulnerable, choose the unpredictable, take chances all in the means to live our best life.

I do firmly believe, and it’s been proven to me numerous times, that the universe provides, you only need to open your heart to the endless possibilities. And, just when we least expect it – there it is. So hit the re-start button, stop waiting for someone else to make your dreams happen. We have so much potential and the opportunities in front of us are limitless. What are you waiting for…


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PPS – If you are looking at hitting the restart button, or like this theme idea for a Yoga class, check out my Yoga Class Theme Packs which include ideas for pranayama, mudras, mantras plus class flows and guided meditations on a central theme. You just might like: Embrace Change and/or Reset&Recharge 



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