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Gratitude as a State of Being

A little harder to wake up on this cold rainy morning in early Fall. A little tougher to get focused sitting at my computer, my coffee cup already empty. Cats curled up on my desk having a snooze. The wind in the trees calling me to look outside yet again. And I sit here full of gratitude for the simplicity of this moment. Quiet, cold feet, cozy track pants, email and phone turned off for a little while so I can just write.

With Canadian Thanksgiving approaching, I have been inspired to put together a collection of Gratitude Stories to help us not only build out the theme of Gratitude for my Yoga Teacher friends, but for all of us to live with gratitude in every moment. When we are able to slow down just enough, to pause and reflect and become tuned in to the present we have the capacity, if we allow it, to become entirely overwhelmed by gratitude. When we are in a good mood, even easier to realize all of the blessings we are surrounded by. When we are struggling or a bit stressed, this becomes more challenged. But what if, instead of needing a list, gratitude became a sensation or even an emotion.

We’ve most likely heard about the scientific study that practicing gratitude improves overall mood and relationships. There are many ways we can put this in motion with gratitude lists, sending thank you cards, acknowledging those in our life we are grateful for. What I’m suggesting moves beyond an act and becomes instead a state of being.

The law of attraction has us use the sensation of already having what we desire as a means to cultivating what we want. So, if living in a state of presence, slowing down and truly appreciating each moment is something that appeals to us, let’s work on what this feels like. Emulate this as a completely felt experience through our senses: taste, sound, sight, touch and smell. What it feels like in our heart centre, the rhythm of our breath to the thoughts then provoked by such an enlightened space. When we meditate or find time to pause in our day, let’s build our gratitude muscles by focusing on these sensations. Soon enough, we will find this space so easily we will barely need to look. Try it and see… in humble reverence, namasté

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