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How to Pack for Your Wellness Retreat

Part 2 of a 3-Part Series on How to Prepare for Your Wellness Retreat. Check out Part 1: How to Mentally Prepare for Your Wellness Retreat


Here is the cold hard truth of packing. You are going to spend hours agonizing over whether to bring an extra sweater that you either won’t take out of your bag the whole time, or wish you had every day. There is no way to win on this. What I will tell you is that you won’t wear half of what you bring, you will most certainly forget something and the golden rule – less is more.


After spending years on the road traveling for various Yoga events here are some tips I’ve compiled along with some must pack items.




  1. Start your list about a week before, add to it as you remember different things and it will also serve as a mini to do list for things you may have run out of or something you need specific to your trip.
  2. Pack 24-hours before. No matter where I go or for how long, this is the only way I can remember everything as I continuously adjust through the next day.
  3. Lay out everything you want to pack and put half back. Think about this, when you are at home don’t you tend to wear the same things a lot if not every day? Why would being away change that? In particular on retreat, you will reach for your same cozy sweater and scarf every time over that one you bought that is so pretty that you feel like you should wear it but the softer and stained one still wins every time. See where I’m going here.
  4. Leave your dress up stuff behind. Ditch the curling iron, nail polish and make-up (or anything beyond basic essentials). Leave your dressier sandals or spotless white trainers in favour of flipflops or older but still comfy shoes. This also helps reduce a lot of bulk when packing, and I promise you won’t need it or miss it.
  5. Leave some space in your bag. Inevitably shopping will be done. Better to have a bit of space to bring home some gifts and souvenirs than frantically trying to find or buy an overpriced suitcase as you are trying to leave.



Must Pack Items:


  1. Your Yoga mat. I know this seems like a no brainer, but if I could tell you how many times I have forgotten mine because I didn’t actually add it to my list…
  2. Layers, and choose your most comfortable pieces over fashionable.
  3. Essential Oils: lavender for sleep and sun burns or bug bites, tea tree a natural disinfectant, on guard (doterra) or equivalent for immunity, zen gest (doterra) or equivalent for digestion and one or two others that help you feel grounded and happy.
  4. Blanket scarf: so you can have both!
  5. Meditation cushion, one that isn’t too bulky or heavy. Your back and hips will be grateful in particular if you aren’t used to sitting on the floor for longer periods of time. My favourite: the OM cushion from HalfMoon.
  6. Other often missed items: voltage adapter, eye mask, journal + pen and phone charger.


Happy Packing Friends! And remember… LESS is MORE! You’ll understand when you are slinging your bags around buckling under the weight of what you haven’t even touched all trip 😉


PS – This is Part 2 of a 3-Part Series on Preparing for a Wellness Retreat. Stay tuned for the next instalment: Yoga/Stretching Tips Before + During a Long Trip coming next week! Also, have you seen my videos? posted weekly on Mondays to my FaceBook page: @lisagreenbaumyoga or Instagram @lisagreenbaum or the full set is on You Tube: Lisa Greenbaum. Just posted are the companion videos to Part 3 above.

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