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The Fire of India

Ma India loves you. Loves you so much that she wants the very best version of you to come forth and so will challenge you by all means necessary for that beautiful truth to emerge. A friend said: “upon arriving to India, she hands you all your emotions on a platter.” You then have a choice, continue as you are or accept her devotion and begin to walk through the fire.

And so we do, because that’s essentially what we’ve come here for. Purge, release, reflect, renew, rebirth, transform and then settle into the peace and gentleness that comes after the storm. India is intense. That’s all I can respond when asked about my trip. From the the near apocalypse feeling of being inundated by smog, people and poverty in New Dehli, the abundance of natural beauty of mountains, cliffs and the epic Ganga of the North. Both the love that transcends all barriers from the ancient teachings of Yoga born in this space, to honouring the tragedies of violence and chauvinism of the countries past and in some places current present. India is intense and beautiful. India is everything.

Agni, or fire in Sanskrit, offers us the opportunity of transformation. Igniting the fire of our soul, feeding the desires of our hearts and providing clarity to see the truth. All practices are devoted to kindling this fire through right action and right thoughts. As impurities and the metaphorical walls we have built begin to burn away we are left vulnerable, raw and open. But we always have choices. Stay in the fire and continue to burn away the layers of untruths or simply walk away. Are you seeking change on a deep and fundamental level or would you prefer to continue veiled by the shadows of avidya, ignorance and the root of mental discord.

What are you afraid of? Ma India is happy to show you. Bringing it up to the light of day and out of the darkness within. But then something magical happens. Fear we discover quickly, can’t live in the light. It feeds on the darkness and our un-whispered thoughts. It breeds by staying hidden in its dark and stagnant cave. Fear brought to the light quickly dissipates without anything to hold onto no matter how tight your grip. With the lick of the flame, fear disappears. Or, we can simply stuff it right back down to where we found it. Though, having glimpsed the light it is impossible to un-see it. The light echoes in your heart and begins to yearn for more. Light attracts light, and so the process begins. Dig your heels and be dragged, or offer your hand and be led, this is really the only choice to be made in the end.

Hold on faith, hold love. Leave everything else in the fire. Emerge to the truth of your heart. The light of your soul. Spread your wings, you are free. Yes, the fire of India is intense.



PS. What I come home from retreat with is the need to come back to my heart in my writing. Ironically it’s what I always get the biggest response from, but it’s also where I feel most connected to myself and to you. Writing for me is like teaching, it’s my dharma, what I am meant to do. I hope you enjoy the ride with me through the light and the dark..

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