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Committing to a Daily Practice

As we mark the new year and new decade, the thought of beginning anew, or hitting the reset button comes to mind. It is also a point of deep reflection and contemplation. Either way, it is the perfect point to go deeper into our practice, an opportunity to raise our vibrations. Now is the time to make a commitment to our own personal practice and meditation. Some of us have made resolutions to finally stick to a dedicated practice, and I commend you. Daily practice is the foundation towards a more satisfying and joyful life, but we must be dedicated.

In the wise words of my teacher Anand, there is no half-assing. A few minutes here and there when we can spare the time will not help us to achieve the spiritual connection we are yearning for. So, what is the sticking point? What will help us come back to our mat each day, no matter the obstacles that may seem to be in the way? Beyond a resolution, we need an intention. Something that calls to us in the early hours of the morning, something we are devoted to.


Creating rituals and setting up an alter are extremely helpful, as are having a dedicated space and cushion, candles or incense to set the mood. Finding your point of devotion, and intention to your practice however are key. To find this, let’s start with why. Why do you want to establish a daily personal practice? Because your teacher told you to? Because your favourite social media influencer keeps talking about it? While that may inspire you on the short term, I promise you it won’t last any longer than the latest fashion accessories you just bought at the fast fashion outlet.


We need to go deeper it has to be personal. Again, let’s start with why. What brought you to your mat in the first place? What has kept you coming back again and again? You don’t need words or a story, it can simply be a sensation. How do you feel when you practice? What words echo in your head? What calls you back? This is your why – your true purpose. This is where your devotion and intention comes from. For me, it is a deep connection to Self. Beyond the layers, the ambition, the to do list. When my practice begins, when I kneel at my alter and strike the match for my candle, I immediately sense myself transcend. I come into the present moment, everything else falling away. What is it for you?


If you aren’t sure, there is only one place to find it, and only one place to start. Begin your daily practice. Open your heart to the gifts this practice provides. In this quiet space, your intention arises. Your point of devotion will reveal itself to you. While all the meditation techniques and apps are helpful, the true power of a daily practice comes from you. Deep within you. Be still, listen to the whispers, stay in gratitude of this powerful gift.




For more tips on Beginning a Meditation practice visit: A Beginner’s Guide to Meditation 

Photo by Patrick Malleret on Unsplash

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