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How Do You Feel About Being Naked?

I’ve had dreams, the last two nights of being naked. Interesting, as I’ve never had dreams like this before, but more so two nights in a row! The strange thing was that in the dream I was completely okay with it. It was just how I was supposed to be. Though it felt odd and not quite right being in a public space and all, I knew it had to be done so I just did it. They say dreams are a reflection of your subconscious. So, what is my subconscious saying? I am feeling completely vulnerable and I’m okay. Rather than being afraid or trying to cover up or hide. I’m just here. Putting it all out there and hoping for the best.

Starting anything new is an act of vulnerability. An act of hope and trust and ultimately surrender. I saw a post on social media the other day that basically went: Courage is not knowing what’s going to happen and doing it anyway. Stupidity is the same thing. I couldn’t help but laugh. For me right now, being courageous in starting my new business. Knowing that I will make mistakes, might fall behind, will feel overwhelmed, but also putting myself out there with my whole heart. Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart, but I know it’s the only space I’m truly happy. Creating something from nothing, patient through the process. Celebrating success and knowing when to let go of what’s not working. Of simply trying, then trying again.

And that’s all we can do really. Try. Because if we aren’t trying, what are we doing. Though I could list off a thousand things I’ve tried in life that haven’t worked, some that cost me a lot of money, some that broke my heart. Each one of them taught me a lesson. Then I try again. Perhaps this whole thing is just the practice of Yoga in action = tapas, svadyaya, isvara pranidhana (discipline, self-study, surrender). Perhaps it is built into my karma. Either way, each day I wake up and put my feet on the floor. I practice and meditate. I sit down to my computer and put something forward. I let go of fear. Metaphorically – naked. I put myself out there because I know each day how I want to feel in my heart and that getting there is my responsibility. To love what I do, to take chances, to be true to myself. To be vulnerable. To surrender. To be fearless. How do you feel about being naked?

Photo by Céu Albuquerque from Pexels


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