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Each Little Step

You know that old saying, one step forward and two steps back. How it feels that much of our life seems to operate in this way. We start to make in roads and then suddenly are set back by something unforeseen. I sometimes feel that I waste a lot of energy here. Why are things not progressing at a faster rate, why am I not seeing results right away? For a pitta like me, aka determined and fiery by nature this certainly brings up a lot of frustration. Patience is a daily practice. A daily practice.

The thing is, nothing really operates in a linear pattern. We are governed by our thoughts and emotions the majority of the time taking us up, down and all around on a constant basis. The more our thoughts and emotions take over, the more we feel we are moving backwards. But this is simply our personal perception. We are in the middle of it, are vision blurred by what’s in front of us like trying to see our whole body in the mirror, but we are standing only an inch away from it. We have to step back, take a big breath, open our eyes and look at the big picture. The objective viewpoint, the eye of the witness. While the daily work usually needs to happen on a micro level, one workout, one healthy grocery shop, one registration, one day at a time, with a little consistency all of these things do add up.

First, I don’t want to tell you not to feel. The biggest struggles I’ve had are when I go against my nature believing that I feel too much. Feeling is important. For me it is my signal system, my point of intuition. When my feelings of being overwhelmed or frustrated don’t end when I close my laptop or switch activities, I know that I have to turn in and not away. Step back, not away.

Remember how I said it’s a daily practice. There are two practices in particular that will help you on this path: presence and gratitude. Start with gratitude. Remember where you started and look at how far you’ve come. How much you’ve accomplished. Be grateful for the lessons learned along the way. The people who have helped you, the fire within that you brought you to this moment. See how each step you’ve taken has brought you here. Each brick laid has set the foundation. And then presence. Come into the now. Let go of your worries for the future, shames of the past and be here. Celebrate here. It is in the present that epiphanies arrive, solutions pop up and the light turns on. We can only step forward from the present moment, at all other times our steps are a random act. Step with intention and focus. Trust that each step is important no matter its outcome. Each step, one after the other. Each little step carrying us to our dreams.


Photo by Rido Alwarno from Pexels


2 thoughts on “Each Little Step”

  1. Hi Lisa, you may wish to check out This guy has been blogging for years on self development and his posts really helped me to get out of a rut.( I haven’t checked him out recently.) Stay blessed.xx


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