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7 Habits of a Yogi

Living life as a Yogi in the modern world can certainly present many challenges. The majority of us need to earn an income to pay for housing and food at the most basic level, and most jobs these days also have a certain degree of stress and pressure that come along with them. We may… Continue reading 7 Habits of a Yogi

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Mindfulness Practices for Kids: Why We Need to Start Them Young

this article original appeared in April/May 2018 canfitpro magazine  I’ve been struck recently by the importance of the TD Bank ads surrounding teaching our children about money. Speaking for myself, I can certainly say I learned the hard way on this road. Interestingly enough, until the last few years we’ve also maintained the same attitude… Continue reading Mindfulness Practices for Kids: Why We Need to Start Them Young

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What I Wish I Knew Then

I’m certainly not a person who has regrets, and certainly not because I haven’t made a ton of mistakes or got stuck on the wrong path for too long. But really because I know that all of these experiences, and probably mostly the ones that didn’t feel so great at the time, have helped shape… Continue reading What I Wish I Knew Then

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Class Theme: Maya (Illusion)

The theme of Maya is one centred on honesty. Maya is the Sanskrit word for illusion. Through this practice we must pause in reflection, focusing on reducing our samskaras (habits, often negative) moving slowly to truly listen to ourself in mind and body. We spend so much time checking off all of our to do's… Continue reading Class Theme: Maya (Illusion)


Self Care – NOW!

This article originally appeared in canfitpro magazine Jan/Feb 2018 edition Too often my clients are coming to me suffering from high burnout. Trying to take on too much, to be everything to everyone, to be at the top of their game every day. Well sure these are great things to have on your list of… Continue reading Self Care – NOW!

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The Slow Burn

It begins like a quiet whisper of compromise. Which is nice, we are taught that compromise is nice. It’s the right thing to do. It might be having pasta for dinner when you really wanted sushi or covering that class when you had already made plans. And then you do it again. And then you… Continue reading The Slow Burn


Essential Oils – Why We Can’t Get Enough

Our sense of smell is the only direct communication our brain has with the external world and is precisely why we are instantly transported back in time when different smells waft through the air. Warming our hearts with fond memories or sending us into a flashback and kick starting our sympathetic nervous system (fight or… Continue reading Essential Oils – Why We Can’t Get Enough

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Journey Through the Chakras

As part of our subtle body, it is said we have 7 chakras or spinning wheels or disks. Chakra is pronounced with the “ch” similar to “Cherrio’s.” The chakras travel up the length of our spine starting at the base and moving up to the crown of our head. Each chakra represents a different energy… Continue reading Journey Through the Chakras

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Trusting our Intuition

It seems there is a major shift happening right now. So many people I know are moving through major of changes in life, some wanted and some landing unexpected. If there is one thing that is true – change is constant. We all have our different relationships to change, and depending on what the change… Continue reading Trusting our Intuition

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Finding Ways to Cope in Light of Tragedy

In light of the very recent event this week in Toronto and a few weeks past in Humboldt, our entire country could use a big hug right now. Whether we knew someone involved or are just trying to process what happened through media outlets and shared stories, we grieve as a collective. We feel the… Continue reading Finding Ways to Cope in Light of Tragedy