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When Life Hands you Lemons – Do Yoga!

How many times have we heard: turn that frown upside down, embrace the positive, look for the silver lining, I’m sure I could go on. The reality is, it’s not that easy and sometimes we need to be angry or sad to really process what is happening. It’s become socially unacceptable to be anything but… Continue reading When Life Hands you Lemons – Do Yoga!

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Yoga for Addiction and Recovery

In the alternative care world, most describe addiction, as the disease of disconnection. There is not a gene responsible for addiction, we don’t automatically inherit addiction from our ancestors the way we inherit our blue eyes or brown hair. Yet, millions of people are at the mercy of their addictive behaviour. In the throes of… Continue reading Yoga for Addiction and Recovery

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Re-Tune Your Parasympathetic Nervous System

How our body relays messages to and from the brain are based upon two branches of our nervous system: autonomic and somatic. The somatic system centered around thought to action like brushing your hair. The autonomic system is for everything we don’t need to think about: heartbeat, digestion etc.. Within the autonomic system is two… Continue reading Re-Tune Your Parasympathetic Nervous System

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Slow Down…

I get ideas and I jump! And I do this in all facets of my life. It is perhaps why I am still awake after midnight writing. It is also perhaps why I tend to have a whole lot on the go at one time – and I’ve also always been like that too. Yoga… Continue reading Slow Down…

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The Lessons Behind Our Injuries

I’m not the daintiest of girls, but over my years in fitness I’ve had my fair share of sprained ankles, wrists, elbows, knees, pulled neck ligaments, various overworked muscles, cuts and bruises. Every time I am injured, it is infuriating – I can’t exercise! Or at least not in the way I want. Having to… Continue reading The Lessons Behind Our Injuries

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Incorporating Yoga into Everyday

For those who have enjoyed the centering and calming effect that yoga brings, we often have the desire to share this with our loved ones and clients but don’t know how. Here are some simple tips to incorporate a little yoga into everyday. Breathe! Sure we do that all the time, our nervous system is… Continue reading Incorporating Yoga into Everyday

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East Meets West on Meditation

Many of us have probably been told at some point that we need to start to meditate. Either we are super hyper and our friends are thinking this might pull us down a notch, or we are over-working and over stressing and we could use a new perspective. There is an old zen saying: “you… Continue reading East Meets West on Meditation

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The Heart Chakra

In connecting to the mid-point of our subtle body we find our heart centre. Anahata, the Sanskrit word for our fourth chakra, means un-struck. My interpretation of this is to live from our hearts as though we have never been hurt before. The idea of a heart that has been struck representing grief, heartbreak, or… Continue reading The Heart Chakra

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Yoga for Balancing Moods

When I was 4 my mom put me in dancing in hopes to correct an overly lordotic curve in my spine. The lifelong benefits I’ve received from this decision have been paramount. Not only opening the doors to a successful career in fitness, but as I later discovered, acquiring the coping skills from breath, movement… Continue reading Yoga for Balancing Moods

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A Beginner’s Guide to Yoga

So many have thought about doing Yoga but just don’t know where to start. Completely understandable as there seems to be a zillion teachers and programs all saying different things. On top of that add on the zillion excuses that we can come up with as to why we actually haven’t tried, the “I’m not… Continue reading A Beginner’s Guide to Yoga