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Manipura Chakra – Strength in Stillness

In describing the third chakra (Manipura chakra) to my students, I often use the sensations felt during intense abdominal work – that sudden rush of strength and empowerment. That feeling of total inner power, of YES! I have this! Energetically this is what the third chakra represents: our sense of self, inner power and inner… Continue reading Manipura Chakra – Strength in Stillness

Yoga Philosophy

Setting our Resolve

This post may be a touch late in speaking of resolutions or it may be right on time. For many of us in the fitness industry, resolutions fuel our business with the ramp up of new faces looking to get in shape and healthy as the New Year begins. As I was teaching my YogaFit… Continue reading Setting our Resolve

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On Meditation

As so often happens we fall in and out of different routines. Focused for a few weeks on certain elements only to get wrapped up in something else so soon after. It seems my commitment to meditation practice can be summed up by that very statement. Funnily enough at the time when I am committed… Continue reading On Meditation

Yoga Philosophy

Om Namah Shivaya

The funny thing about Mantra’s is that just like random songs, they pop into your head, sometimes in the strangest moments or when we really don’t even understand them. For me, “Om Namah Shivaya” is always there, playing in the background. Since I learned about Mantra’s in general this was the first and maybe the… Continue reading Om Namah Shivaya

Yoga Philosophy

Ishvara Pranidhana – Surrender

And there comes a certain point where that is all you can do. We can build, create, explore, tear down, move away, move back and somehow through all of that we realize nothing has changed. When I think back to how much my life has changed over the last three years I feel like I… Continue reading Ishvara Pranidhana – Surrender

Yoga Philosophy

Svadhyaya – Self Study

It can be said that the entire practice of yoga can be an act in self-study. The awareness we create through each movement, each detail of the pose and even in observing our thoughts through the poses and in meditation. I had the pleasure of spending this last weekend in Montreal at the canfitpro conference… Continue reading Svadhyaya – Self Study

Yoga Philosophy

Santosha – Contentment

When I think of Santosha, the second practice of the Niyamas, or personal code of ethics, I think of being at peace. Of finding acceptance and gratitude, of letting go what we can’t control and making changes to those we can. More often than not the only thing we can control is our own perception… Continue reading Santosha – Contentment

Yoga Philosophy

Tapas – Discipline

I feel I need to skip ahead for my own lesson in tapas this week, for the discipline to stay on track and stay focused. When I began this blog I committed to writing every week and even enlisted the help of my trusted assistant to keep me accountable. I love to write, have since… Continue reading Tapas – Discipline

Yoga Philosophy

Saucha ~ Purity

I thought I would take the next couple of weeks to explore some of the ideas I mentioned in my blog last week. Rather than overwhelming ourselves with yogic philosophy, the beautiful thing is that we are really meant to take everything in in our own time. An opportunity to play with different concepts, see… Continue reading Saucha ~ Purity