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The Beauty of India

There is something so very magical about India. Perhaps the history dating back thousands of years, the people, the food, the magnificence of the Himalayas and Ma Ganga. There is something so provocative and beautiful it will draw you back again and again. Even sitting here just now invoking the sensation of being there, the… Continue reading The Beauty of India

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The Fire of India

Ma India loves you. Loves you so much that she wants the very best version of you to come forth and so will challenge you by all means necessary for that beautiful truth to emerge. A friend said: “upon arriving to India, she hands you all your emotions on a platter.” You then have a… Continue reading The Fire of India

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How to Pack for Your Wellness Retreat

Part 2 of a 3-Part Series on How to Prepare for Your Wellness Retreat. Check out Part 1: How to Mentally Prepare for Your Wellness Retreat   Here is the cold hard truth of packing. You are going to spend hours agonizing over whether to bring an extra sweater that you either won’t take out… Continue reading How to Pack for Your Wellness Retreat

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How to Mentally Prepare for a Wellness Retreat

At Sangha Wellness Retreats, one of our mottos is to “enjoy a vacation you don’t need a vacation from.” Essentially, we want to make sure we come home feeling rested and relaxed. Unlike some all-inclusive holidays that seem to require a 30-day liver detox or an adventure holiday that is so jam packed we forgot… Continue reading How to Mentally Prepare for a Wellness Retreat

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Invest in YOU!

Last week’s blog: How Much Are YOU Worth? Sparked something in me, as I know it did for many of you based on the comments I received through social media. First – a confession, what I write about is what I’m working on, and often through the process of writing (or soul purging) I discover… Continue reading Invest in YOU!

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How Much Are YOU Worth?

One of the hardest struggles I continue to have is deciding how to price out my services. Perhaps it’s the Pisces in me and those little fish in constant opposition to each other doing my head in, more realistically it’s the little voice in my head that tells me I’m not good/smart/successful enough to place… Continue reading How Much Are YOU Worth?

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Gratitude as a State of Being

A little harder to wake up on this cold rainy morning in early Fall. A little tougher to get focused sitting at my computer, my coffee cup already empty. Cats curled up on my desk having a snooze. The wind in the trees calling me to look outside yet again. And I sit here full… Continue reading Gratitude as a State of Being

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5 Tips for the Hustler’s Life Balance

As an entrepreneur the hustle is real. Every day and pretty much all the time. This is great when you are full of ideas and the energy to match. Significantly harder when your brain is working a little more slowly, every ping on your phone is a distraction and you keep having reasons to get… Continue reading 5 Tips for the Hustler’s Life Balance

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I Live in the Light

I choose to live in the light. It is a choice, and sometimes a daily choice. Perhaps I am being naïve in the midst of our current climate issues and political landscape – just to name two very big overarching concerns of our time. Still, I choose to live in the light. I choose to… Continue reading I Live in the Light

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I am Enough

YES! You are, and so am I. We are all enough. We always have been, we always will be. Enough. Yet, there is something that plays against us. In part the ego mind looking for separation from others in any way it can. In part the media landscape with continuous messages direct and subliminal of… Continue reading I am Enough