Self-Care, Yoga Practice

7 Habits of a Yogi

Living life as a Yogi in the modern world can certainly present many challenges. The majority of us need to earn an income to pay for housing and food at the most basic level, and most jobs these days also have a certain degree of stress and pressure that come along with them. We may… Continue reading 7 Habits of a Yogi

Class Themes

Class Theme: Calming Vata

The vata dosha is predominant through the fall and winter seasons leaving many of us to feel a lack of grounding and clarity. As the temperature drops and the wind starts up we struggle to complete even simple tasks, made even more overwhelming with the growing to do lists as the holidays approach. This class… Continue reading Class Theme: Calming Vata

Life & Love

The Tale of a Bad Yogi

I’m a bad Yogi, I just walked out of a yoga class. In my defense the website said Hatha which I was hoping would just cover the physical output I needed after a serious lack of exercise this week. Their actual paper schedule said Restorative, though in Ubud how many are going by those I’m… Continue reading The Tale of a Bad Yogi


Self Care – NOW!

This article originally appeared in canfitpro magazine Jan/Feb 2018 edition Too often my clients are coming to me suffering from high burnout. Trying to take on too much, to be everything to everyone, to be at the top of their game every day. Well sure these are great things to have on your list of… Continue reading Self Care – NOW!


Ayurveda for Life Balance

Anyone that has read more than one of my blog posts would know that I am on a constant search for balance in both my life and work. Who isn’t right! Yet this search for balance has taken on more elements since being introduced to Ayurveda, also known as the Science of Life. Ayurveda is… Continue reading Ayurveda for Life Balance