Life & Love

I am Enough

YES! You are, and so am I. We are all enough. We always have been, we always will be. Enough. Yet, there is something that plays against us. In part the ego mind looking for separation from others in any way it can. In part the media landscape with continuous messages direct and subliminal of… Continue reading I am Enough


Changing Our Perspective

Living in the city, constantly being sucked in by all the things, everywhere all the time. The continuous buzz around me of people, cars, bikes, noise, lights etc. I’ve always been attracted to cities and generally they are my first calling when traveling. Yet I also feel like I’m constantly searching for those little hidden… Continue reading Changing Our Perspective

Class Themes

Class Theme: The Most Important Thing

In a world where everything seems like a priority, the to do lists are never ending and we continuously feel pulled in six different directions, it's all too easy to become overwhelmed. However when we are centred and present we can truly see the forest through the trees. This practice is a reminder of what… Continue reading Class Theme: The Most Important Thing

Yoga Teacher

How to Have Longevity as a Fitness/Yoga Teacher

I was updating my LinkedIn profile the other day and the count is right there to the month, 17 years and 6 months employed by GoodLife Fitness. My big break into the fitness industry and even though my career has expanded in many ways, I’m still thankful to be teaching for the same company all… Continue reading How to Have Longevity as a Fitness/Yoga Teacher

Class Themes

Class Theme: Calming Vata

The vata dosha is predominant through the fall and winter seasons leaving many of us to feel a lack of grounding and clarity. As the temperature drops and the wind starts up we struggle to complete even simple tasks, made even more overwhelming with the growing to do lists as the holidays approach. This class… Continue reading Class Theme: Calming Vata