Yoga Practice

Why Real Men do Yoga

this article first appeared in canfitpro magazine Sept/Oct 2013 issue I have been teaching Yoga based classes (BodyFlow/Yoga/YogaFit) for nearly 12 years in the downtown Toronto core. What I have been noticing over the last year is more and more men coming into these classes. At times I have had more men then women, and… Continue reading Why Real Men do Yoga

Yoga Teaching

Teaching SAFE Inversions in Our Yoga Classes

  As Yoga Teachers, we know the incredible benefits of inversions including: improved immunity through lymphatic drainage, balancing emotions with increased blood flow to the brain (particularly the limbic area) which also triggers our endocrine system to release our happy hormones – serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine. Inversions also increase cardiovascular health by working against gravity… Continue reading Teaching SAFE Inversions in Our Yoga Classes