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Being Clear with Our Intentions

As with most people and certainly most entrepreneurs setting and sticking to a clear path is sometimes the most challenging part of doing business. Some days everything feels so aligned and very next minute – oh look, squirrel! and off I go down the rabbit hole. It’s already happened twice this morning trying to get… Continue reading Being Clear with Our Intentions

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Each Little Step

You know that old saying, one step forward and two steps back. How it feels that much of our life seems to operate in this way. We start to make in roads and then suddenly are set back by something unforeseen. I sometimes feel that I waste a lot of energy here. Why are things… Continue reading Each Little Step

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How Do You Feel About Being Naked?

I’ve had dreams, the last two nights of being naked. Interesting, as I’ve never had dreams like this before, but more so two nights in a row! The strange thing was that in the dream I was completely okay with it. It was just how I was supposed to be. Though it felt odd and… Continue reading How Do You Feel About Being Naked?

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How Much Are YOU Worth?

One of the hardest struggles so many of us as solo/entrepreneurs continue to have is deciding how to price out our services, to be able to see the value of what we are sharing and what it’s worth. While I try to be the first person out there telling others they should be charging more… Continue reading How Much Are YOU Worth?

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5 Tips for the Hustler’s Life Balance

As an entrepreneur the hustle is real. Every day and pretty much all the time. This is great when you are full of ideas and the energy to match. Significantly harder when your brain is working a little more slowly, every ping on your phone is a distraction and you keep having reasons to get… Continue reading 5 Tips for the Hustler’s Life Balance

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On Starting Again

My favourite Sutra from the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (a 2500 year-old text on Yoga Philosophy) is the very first line in Book 1: And now the exposition of Yoga is being made. Every time we read this, "now" begins again. Essentially, I think of this as our restart button. We fall off the wagon, we… Continue reading On Starting Again


Resetting the Bar on Stress Resiliency

Here I am off on holiday out to the west coast of Canada to catch up with family and friends. A vacation, at least I keep telling myself that in hopes that it will both sink in and be understood as truth. We should take vacation! We need to take vacations and time out from… Continue reading Resetting the Bar on Stress Resiliency

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International Women’s Day: YOU are the mirror of your relationships to other women. 

I have been fortunate to be surrounded by strong and independent women my whole life both on a professional front but also personally. Granted my chosen profession is female dominated but the support and mentorship I have received within this community has helped me both be and feel successful (in this business, those are two… Continue reading International Women’s Day: YOU are the mirror of your relationships to other women.