Yoga Practice

Yoga 101 for Therapists

Yoga is the 6,000 year-old science of the mind. As outlined in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, one of the oldest texts on Yoga, Yoga is the cessation of the mind-stuff (1:2) or essentially turning off our monkey minds. While Yoga in the western world is known by its physical side of poses and a… Continue reading Yoga 101 for Therapists

Class Themes

Class Theme: Calming Vata

The vata dosha is predominant through the fall and winter seasons leaving many of us to feel a lack of grounding and clarity. As the temperature drops and the wind starts up we struggle to complete even simple tasks, made even more overwhelming with the growing to do lists as the holidays approach. This class… Continue reading Class Theme: Calming Vata

Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation for Grounding

Please find the following scripted meditation for grounding, healing and honouring our bodies. Feel free to share in your classes and adjust in any way to better suit your teaching. Namasté Finding a quiet space and allowing our bodies to relax completely on our mats. Let’s close our eyes and gently begin to release the… Continue reading Guided Meditation for Grounding

Self-Care, Yoga Practice

Finding Ways to Cope in Light of Tragedy

In light of the very recent event this week in Toronto and a few weeks past in Humboldt, our entire country could use a big hug right now. Whether we knew someone involved or are just trying to process what happened through media outlets and shared stories, we grieve as a collective. We feel the… Continue reading Finding Ways to Cope in Light of Tragedy