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Being Clear with Our Intentions

As with most people and certainly most entrepreneurs setting and sticking to a clear path is sometimes the most challenging part of doing business. Some days everything feels so aligned and very next minute – oh look, squirrel! and off I go down the rabbit hole. It’s already happened twice this morning trying to get… Continue reading Being Clear with Our Intentions

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Gratitude as a State of Being

A little harder to wake up on this cold rainy morning in early Fall. A little tougher to get focused sitting at my computer, my coffee cup already empty. Cats curled up on my desk having a snooze. The wind in the trees calling me to look outside yet again. And I sit here full… Continue reading Gratitude as a State of Being


The 3 Most Important Words of Your New Year

What are these three most important words? I’m sure you are dying to know. What is the pivotal point, the most important thing that will make this new year better than all the new years, better than all the other years, the best year ever! These three little words. What is the secret that I… Continue reading The 3 Most Important Words of Your New Year

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On Inspiration and Motivation

The fact that I am writing this post is actually shocking to me. Up until 6 months ago, and probably for the 20 years in front of that, I've been constantly in search of ways to slow down, ground myself, and reduce stress. Yet here I am - finally and also gratefully, on the other… Continue reading On Inspiration and Motivation

Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation for Manifestation

Please find the following scripted meditation for manifestation, to spend a little time in dream land bringing our wishes to fruition. Namasté Guided Meditation for Manifestation Let’s find a quiet space to rest, letting go of any external distractions and bringing awareness to our breath. Slowly counting our breaths in and out until our breath… Continue reading Guided Meditation for Manifestation