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Each Little Step

You know that old saying, one step forward and two steps back. How it feels that much of our life seems to operate in this way. We start to make in roads and then suddenly are set back by something unforeseen. I sometimes feel that I waste a lot of energy here. Why are things… Continue reading Each Little Step

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Class Theme: If it Doesn’t Flow, Let it Go

The following theme can be used either for your own personal practice, for your group classes, or one on ones that you are teaching. Everything below is just a guide based on my thoughts and experiences in the moment. Feel free to change anything to better suit your teaching/practice style or so that it feels… Continue reading Class Theme: If it Doesn’t Flow, Let it Go

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Yoga for Addiction and Recovery

In the alternative care world, most describe addiction, as the disease of disconnection. There is not a gene responsible for addiction, we don’t automatically inherit addiction from our ancestors the way we inherit our blue eyes or brown hair. Yet, millions of people are at the mercy of their addictive behaviour. In the throes of… Continue reading Yoga for Addiction and Recovery